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Verizon’s new Travel Pass

by John the Wanderer
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Verizon’s new Travel Pass – 










Verizon recently announced a great new program called Travel Pass.

This program allows calls, text and data using your existing plan while you travel internationally for a cost of $10 per-day when you are traveling. It also offers $2 per-day for Mexico and Canada travel.









This is a huge improvement from the free plans offered by T-Mobile and AT&T as the data is not at the slower 3g speed.













The program works in 65 countries:

TravelPass Countries

Countries A-J Cost per Device
Anguilla $10 per day
Antigua And Barbuda $10 per day
Aruba $10 per day
Australia $10 per day
Austria $10 per day
Barbados $10 per day
Belgium $10 per day
Bonaire $10 per day
British Virgin Islands $10 per day
Canada $2 per day
Cayman Islands $10 per day
Croatia $10 per day
Curacao $10 per day
Cyprus $10 per day
Czech Republic $10 per day
Denmark $10 per day
Dominica $10 per day
Estonia $10 per day
Finland $10 per day
France $10 per day
French Guiana $10 per day
Germany $10 per day
Greece $10 per day
Grenada $10 per day
Guadeloupe $10 per day
Guernsey $10 per day
Haiti $10 per day
Hungary $10 per day
Iceland $10 per day
Ireland $10 per day
Isle of Mann $10 per day
Israel $10 per day
Italy $10 per day
Jamaica $10 per day
Jersey $10 per day
Countries K-Z Cost per Device
Latvia $10 per day
Liechtenstein $10 per day
Lithuania $10 per day
Luxembourg $10 per day
Madeira and Azores $10 per day
Martinique $10 per day
Mexico $2 per day
Montserrat $10 per day
Netherlands $10 per day
Netherlands Antilles $10 per day
Norway $10 per day
Palestinian Territories $10 per day
Poland $10 per day
Portugal $10 per day
Romania $10 per day
Saint Barthelemy $10 per day
Saint Eustatius & Saba $10 per day
Saint Kitts And Nevis $10 per day
Saint Lucia $10 per day
Saint Maartin (Dutch) $10 per day
Saint Martin $10 per day
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines $10 per day
Singapore $10 per day
Slovakia $10 per day
Spain $10 per day
Sweden $10 per day
Switzerland $10 per day
Taiwan $10 per day
Trinidad and Tobago $10 per day
Turkey $10 per day
Turks and Caicos $10 per day
United Kingdom $10 per day
Vatican City $10 per day

Interestingly it does not include China, Hong Kong, Japan or many other Asian countries.

The plan looks excellent for travel around Europe and the Caribbean.

I currently have Verizon for my phone service. Normally when I travel, I only use WiFi as the bill normally would get too expensive. This has been problematic though as I lose connectivity and also has made it difficult to use uber or other services as I could not call or text the driver.

I have a mini 3g hotspot that I have had some luck with. That works for $10 a day. It is slow and it is a little bulky because I have to carry the device in addition to my phone. It also did not work well in China even with a VPN. In addition, in countries where it is easy to get a SIM card, I use that for local calls and data; however, in several countries it is a long process to get one so I just use the mobile hot spot device.

I am excited to try the service the next time I travel.

I was in Cancun a few weeks ago. It would have been awesome to pay $2 per day to gain calling, texts and data everywhere. I wish I would have known about it before the trip.

Has anyone used the service yet? Does it really provide high speed at 4G/LTE?

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