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Alaska Air Devaluation – Emirates First Class

by John the Wanderer
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Alaska Air Devaluation Emirates First Class

Alaska Airlines have traditionally been an excellent miles and point award currency as the airline allows redemptions on many airlines as they are not a part of a single alliance.

One of the most popular redemptions has been for Emirates First Class on the 380 where you get a suite as well as have the ability of taking a shower on the plane. When the partnership between Alaska Air and Emirates first started until last week, you could redeem 90,000 Alaska Air miles for one way travel to the Middle East.

Alaska Air Devaluation Emirates First Class

Alaska Air made a change to their redemption policy overnight without initially issuing a statement. They later issued a statement about the situation.

The changes that are now in effect are as follows

Region Old Price New Price
North America to Europe 100,000 180,000
North America to Middle East/India 90,000 150,000
North America to Africa 100,000 200,000
North America to Asia 100,000 180,000

So the same flight from the US to the Middle East that originally cost 90,000 miles, will now cost 150,000 miles each way.

What is worse, travel from North American to Africa was originally 100,000 miles per-way. It is now doubles to 200,000 miles each-way!

Emirates is known for outstanding experience in first class as everything is over the top.

Alaska Air Devaluation Emirates First Class

Unfortunately this devaluation will make it much more difficult to travel in the cabin.

Personally, I have not traveled on the airline but I have heard great things from other bloggers as well as friends who were able to use Alaska miles in order to travel in the cabin.

The news is unfortunate; however, these types of devaluations have been common over the past few years so I suppose this one was expected.

I still value Alaska Air for their program as it still has so many travel partners where you can earn and redeem the miles.

What are your thoughts on the devaluation?

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