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News Update Crazy Flight Attendant Questions

by John the Wanderer
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News Update Crazy Flight Attendant Questions

This post is news update crazy flight attendant questions and more.

I read a lot of articles online each week. Whenever I see an interesting one, I mark it so I can share with you. If you find a great article online, let me know and I can share it as well.

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News update

American Airlines Los Angeles Tokyo Haneda News Update Crazy Flight Attendant Questions

The Craziest Things People Ask Flight Attendants – Johnny Jet talks about some crazy stories about what people ask flight attendants. I’ve heard the one about what happens if you open the door in flight… I always laugh when I hear that one since it’s pressurized and can’t be opened.

United adds 18 routes, majority from O’Hare – It’s always good news when new non-stop routes get added to airports. This is a good summary for new ones from Chicago on United.

Yay! American adding hot sauce to meals! – Here is a quick post by Jamie who found out that American Airlines is adding hot sauce to first class meal options.

$30 Visa/Amazon/Target Gift Card For Test Driving a Hyundai – I normally cover miles and point stories; however, sometimes a good cash back offer is excellent. Its fun test driving a new car and currently Hyundai is offering from free cash for doing so! I shop at Amazon all the time so this is a fun way of earning some money. If you get the Amazon option, consider using my Amazon link for your purchase.

Hyatt’s Ad Sung by Andra Day to Air Tonight During the Oscars and Hyatt’s Partnership with AFAR – It’s always cool when one of your favorite brands spends a lot of money to produce a good advertisement. Hyatt did just that for the Oscars over the weekend.

Boeing 737 Flew With Aircraft Door Open This Week — and Pilot Didn’t Notice – This post goes along with the first one about crazy things people ask. Although you can’t open the door inflight, if the gate agent do not properly close the door on the ground, it can cause problems in flight, ultimately causing a flight to divert to get the door properly closed.


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