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News Update Two Biggest Hyatt Complaints & Great Lounges

by John the Wanderer
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News Update Two Biggest Hyatt Complaints & Great Lounges

Good morning. Hope everyone’s week has gone well. There has been a lot going on this week from the Electronics Ban to the Alaska Airlines announcement about the end of Virgin America. What are your take on the travel electronics ban?

News Update

The 2 Biggest Complaints Hyatt is Receiving about the New World of Hyatt Program – Jamie talks about the two biggest complaints to Hyatt since the program changed to the World of Hyatt. To me they took away most of the reasons to stay there and those things that made the chain top notch and worth going out of your way to stay at one.

First Look: Inside the New British Airways Lounge at BOS – It is great getting to use airport lounges when you travel. It takes a lot of the stress out of flying and allows you to avoid the overpriced airport food. I’ve been to a few British Airways lounges and find them to be good overall. What do you think about the new one?

News Update Two Biggest Hyatt Complaints & Great Lounges

Review: Dubai International Hotel Business Class Lounge – Concourse D – The Hotel Business Class Lounge at Dubai looks pretty nice. Unfortunately they may see a decline on visitors now with the electronics travel ban in place. But it looks like a great experience.

OneWorld Sets The Benchmark At Bangkok Airport With New Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge – This lounge looks great. I’ve been to a couple Japan Airlines lounges. I previously found them comfortable and it is nice having a new opportunity at Bangkok airport.

The Most Valuable Award Chart in the World is Hiding Right in Plain Sight – This is a great suggestion on miles and point redemption’s as the chart is one of the best values. In some of the cases the price of round trip in first class or business class is just over what it normally costs for one way on other airlines. You can transfer from SPG.

Travel Contests: Week of March 22, 2017 – Good luck on these contests! I’d like to win one of the cruises. What about you?

JetBlue Brings Milk Bar to Mint Class – I sometimes have a sweet tooth so getting the cookies at the end of the flight sounds pretty awesome. Has anyone tried the smoothie they are providing after a redeye?

Have a great weekend!!


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