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News Update Amex High Retention Bonuses Delta Rule Workarounds

by John the Wanderer
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News Update Amex High Retention Bonuses Delta Rule Workarounds

Good morning. I hope your week is going well. There is still a lot of buzz about the electronics ban from Middle Eastern Countries and I have even noted warnings that more countries will be added to the list. Let’s hope that is just a rumor.

I picked out several articles to share this morning. Did you see anything I missed? Let me know and I will share it in the next post.


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News Update

News Update Amex High Retention Bonuses Delta Rule Workarounds

American Express Desperate To Keep Platinum Customers, Offering High Retention Bonuses (30,000 Points) – This is great to get bonus points for keeping your card another year. It helps offset the fee increase. Have you been able to secure the bonus?

Rookie Wednesday: Workarounds for some of Delta’s most irritating rules! – Great suggestions on how to workaround some of the rules on Delta to help make travel easier.

Travel 101: What is a Resort Fee? – This is a great summary about resort fees. Bottom line: we hate them and do whatever you can to avoid them.

Consider Flying Air India to the Subcontinent Instead of the Gulf Carriers – It is a great opportunity for Air India with this. Let’s hope they can be successful on their routes and continue to avoid the electronics ban.

4 Reasons Aegean Deserves Your Attention For Premium Awards – I’ve read about Aegean before. This is a great reminder to think outside the box on redemption’s.

5 PLANES I WISH I HAD FLOWN – It would have been amazing to fly on the Concord! I’ve watched a lot of videos that covered the in flight experience and all of them took the picture in front of the speed sign!

Review: Star Alliance Lounge LAX – Here is a lounge review of the day. This time focusing on the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX. Check out the cool wine bottle wall in the dining room and outdoor deck.



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