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News Update United Bears and Delta Craziness

by John the Wanderer
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News Update United Bears and Delta Craziness

Hope you all had a great weekend. Hopefully you were not traveling on Delta this weekend since they had so many cancellations and people sleeping in the airport like my buddy Lee (See below). It was a beautiful weekend here in Minneapolis with sunshine and warm weather.

News Update

News Update United Bears and Delta Craziness

THE BLACK MARKET FOR UNITED’S WHITE STUFFED POLARIS BEARS – I’ve been seeing these bears on all the reviews of Polaris class on United. Didn’t realize that they had such a demand.

Delta Strands Passengers in Atlanta While Devaluing Award Chart – I guess all of us need to go though period of travel delays. Unfortunately this one impacted my friend while he was with his son. Were you stuck in Atlanta with him?

Healthy Baby Born at 28 Weeks On Board 2 Hour Flight – You don’t hear this too often. But this women gave birth in flight. The comments indicate the baby was not actually 28 weeks old. But all in all it must have been a memorable flight for the crew and passengers.

Texas Two-Step: Alaska commits to dual Dallas strategy – This is good news for travelers in Dallas!

Shelli’s World Coffee Tour – San Francisco (Part 1) – I love coffee. It is cool that this blogger made a world tour out of finding a great coffee.

I Won 250,000 Airline Miles! – This is an interesting read. I have always wanted to go on one of those MegaDo’s. Maybe one of these years I will get the chance. This years option is not available yet but hopefully they will announce the details soon.

On board the AirBaltic CS300 – Seth got to check out a new CS300 regional jet! It looks pretty cool.

LOOPHOLE: HOW TO BEAT DELTA’S LATEST DEVALUATION – Here is a travel hack to beat Delta in the latest devaluation. Good luck. I am sure it will be closed soon.

How One Organization Is Saving Lives With Your Used Hotel Soap – This is a great story! I do my part in volunteering for organizations. The story reminds me I can do more by collecting unused soap rather than leaving it in the room. I’ll donate it to a local organization.

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