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Cruise News: Disney Treasure Maiden Voyage $15k Inside Room

by John the Wanderer
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Disney Treasure

This article is Disney Treasure Maiden Voyage $15k Inside Room. It is a cruise news update with the featured story about an expensive sailing on Disney’s newest ship.

I read a lot of articles each week. When I find interesting ones I save them so I can share with readers of the blog. These are some of the articles that peaked my interest this week.

The featured image credit goes to Disney Cruise Line.

$15K Inside Rooms for Disney Treasure

Disney Treasure
Disney Treasure photo by Disney

Disney recently announced the new ship Disney Treasure and have placed the maiden voyage on sale. Normally Disney maiden sailings sell out immediately. But this time, as of the publishing of this article, the ship is still available. What is surprising is the fact that Disney is asking for $15k for booking an inside room. I’ve been seeing cruise prices continue to rise over the past two years; which have brought the average cost for an inside room close to $4k. This sailing will be $11k higher for the inside room. Maybe the slow bookings will be a sign to cruise lines that inflation pricing on cruises has got to stop. It is making it more and more difficult to enjoy vacations. Unfortunately it likely will not bring the prices down much. Would you spend $15k for an inside room?

Carnival Dubunks Another Rumor

Carnival frequently is plagued with people spreading rumors about them. Recently it was about tips not going to the crew or being used to replace the crews salary. Now there is one that Carnival is nor providing distilled water for guests who use CPAP machines. Many people use them and the distilled water is essential to not cause problems for CPAP machines. Fortunately the rumor is not true. There is a way to pre-order the water, or to purchase onboard.

Is Celebrity Beyond worth $20k for sailing?

In another example of how cruises are becoming so expensive, here is a couple that spent $20k to go on Celebrity Beyond sailing in Europe. I loved sailing on Celebrity Beyond. From the amazing Captain and cool cat to the awesome cruise director and entertainment it was truly amazing. But I don’t know that I could even imagine to be able to spend that much. Did the couple feel it was worth it? Check out their article to find out!

You can read about my experience on Celebrity Beyond here.

Hydrogen Power For a Cruise Ship?

MSC Announced that they will be developing two Explora Journey ships to operate using Hydrogen power! This sounds a bit crazy since Hydrogen power is generally considered to be nuclear. While it will reduce the pollution in ports and to the air, is the risk worth the savings? The ship will also operate with LNG for other periods of time which is considered a clean burning fuel. Would you sail on a hydrogen powered ship?

Cruise News

The above articles were ones that I found interesting. From expensive cruises to hydrogen power cruise ships there were some interesting articles this week. Did I miss anything you thought should be shared? Comment below and I can include it on a future news update.

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