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Carnival Freedom Gets New Funnel

by John the Wanderer
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Carnival Freedom Funnel in Spain

This article is Carnival Freedom Gets New Funnel. It is about a new funnel being installed on Carnival Freedom while she is in drydock in Spain.

The featured image is from John Heald.

Carnival Freedom

Carnival Freedom is one of Carnival’s popular cruise ships. She normally sails on short sailings to the Bahamas and the Caribbean from Port Canaveral.

Carnival Freedom Fire Destroyed Funnel
Carnival Freedom Fire Destroyed Funnel photo by kbnovak

In 2022, Carnival Freedom has a fire that destroyed the iconic funnel while she was in port in Grand Turk.

Fortunately no one was injured; however, the ship had to be repaired prior to being able to host passengers again.

Guests on that sailing were transferred to Carnival Conquest for the remainder of the cruise.

Carnival Freedom Temporary Funnel
Carnival Freedom Temporary Funnel photo by Carnival

Carnival Freedom went to the Bahamas to be repaired and a temporary funnel was provided on the ship.

The ship returned to service for the past year.

I sailed alongside Freedom recently while I was on Mardi Gras. You can read about my experience on Mardi Gras here.

New Funnel

This week Carnival Freedom sailed to Spain to undergo dry dock to provide upgrades to the ship.

As part of the upgrades, Carnival Freedom will once again get the iconic Carnival Whale Tail funnel!

Carnival Freedom Funnel in Spain
Carnival Freedom Funnel in Spain Prior to installation – Photo by John Heald

It will be exciting to see the new Funnel as well as the updates that are planned for dry dock!

John Heald posted about the new whale tail funnel on Instagram.


Carnival Freedom’s dry dock will include updating the hull of the ship to the current Carnival Red, White and Blue design.

The ship will also be getting a Heroes Tribute Bar which will honor veteran’s.

Additional improvements will be new decking.

John Heald announced that there will be additional enhancements announced once the dry dock is complete.

Carnival Freedom will return to Port Canaveral once the updates are complete with a scheduled sailing on November 6, 2023.


Carnival Freedom is a Conquest Class ship built in 2007. She was refurbished in 2019 and features many of Carnival’s favorite attractions.

The ship hold 2,980 guests for four-night sailings to the Bahamas as well as five-night sailings to the Caribbean.

It is exciting to learn about the new whale tail on Carnival Freedom!

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