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Grand Bahama Shipyard $600M Renovation

by John the Wanderer
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Grand Bahama Island Dry Dock

This article is Grand Bahama Shipyard $600M Renovation. It is about planned renovations at the Bahamas Shipyard on Grand Bahama island with facilities to service cruise ships.

Grand Bahama

The Grand Bahama Shipyard has over 20 years experience in servicing and providing maintenance to ships of all sizes.

The shipyard offers dry dock facilities and ship building capabilities with cranes and many other specialized tools.

Cruise ships are frequent visitors to the dry dock facilities for routine maintenance as well as upgrades.

Dry Dock

Ships go into dry dock facilities for various reasons. They allow for the ship to be out of the water for maintenance to be completed on the hulls, azapods and other motors.

Grand Bahama Island Dry Dock
Dry Dock photo from Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited

Updated Facilities

This week Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited announced a $600 Million Dollar Renovation which includes the addition of new dry dock facilities.

The shipyard’s updated program includes investments from Royal Caribbean and Carnival in order to accommodate modern cruise ships in large dry dock facilities.

The new dry docks are constructed at CSSC Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding in Qingdao, China. The dry docks are scheduled to be completed in 2025 and 2026.

Many cruise ships have to go to Europe to shipbuilders to have routine maintenance and upgrades completed. The new facilities will give the Bahamas more options for performing the maintenance.

The new facilities should cut the time required for ships to be out of service since it is a quick sailing from Florida to the Bahamas.

Bottom Line

The updates should be a win win for the shipbuilder as well as the cruise lines. The ship builder can earn more contracts from the cruise line to perform maintenance. The cruise lines can cut the time for maintenance significantly with the dry dock facilities located near the United States.

Check out the Shipyard at their webpage here.

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