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Will Carnival Remove Plastic Water Bottles?

by John the Wanderer
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Carnival Water Bottle

This article is Will Carnival Remove Plastic Water Bottles? It is about Carnival Cruise Lines and their environmental policies.

The featured image is from Crystal Geyser.

Bottled water is one of the most common things served on cruise ships.

Some cruise lines offer boxed water (Norwegian), while others at least for a time used aluminum bottles (Celebrity, MSC).

Carnival has continued to use Plastic Bottles of water on the ships. That may be changing in the near future.

Carnival Water Bottles

Carnival Water Bottle
Carnival Water Bottles – Photo from Crystal Geyser

Over the past few years, Carnival partners Crystal Geyser to offer bottled water on the ships. The water bottles can be recycled, but plastic recycling generally does not get used again to make consumable goods, but rather other types of material.

Since Carnival uses a lot of water bottles each cruise, that is a lot of environmental concern.


Over recent years, Carnival has eliminated plastic straws on the ships and uses a edible type.

Edible Straw used on Carnival
Edible Straws – Photo from Sorbos

They generally have two flavors and you get one depending on the drink. One of the flavors has been a lime type flavor and the other chocolate.

Some guests like them while others do not.

Carnival’s Brand Ambassador John Heald recently posted about the straws and he urged everyone to give them a chance.

The brand ambassador also suggested that guests bring their own straws onboard such as metal ones or reusable plastic ones. He urged guests not to bring plastic disposable straws though.

John Heald explained that while Carnival does not officially ban guests from using disposable ones, he strongly suggested that they do not as an environmental concern.

The edible straw brand may change has Carnival has not officially partnered with Sorbos but on the Carnival sailings that I have been on recently that brand was used.

End of Water Bottles

Is it the end of plastic water bottles on Carnival?

The brand ambassador John Heald recently hinted that Carnival may be working to eliminate single use plastic bottles on the ships in the near future.

While nothing firm has been announced, Carnival may partner with a boxed water company similar to Norwegian or perhaps the aluminum bottles used by other cruise lines.

Celebrity Cruises was using the aluminum bottles for all water during the pandemic but on the past couple cruises I sailed plastic water bottles were back.

Obviously plastic water bottles are less expensive than alluminum ones so perhaps the paper option will be best. I was honestly surprised to see the plastic bottles again on Celebrity Ascent and Celebrity Constellation recently.

Do you like paper boxes for water? Or would you prefer Carnival to continue to offer plastic bottles?

What do you think? Will Carnival Remove Plastic Water Bottles?

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