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Blue Lagoon Reopens After Tragedy

by John the Wanderer
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Blue Lagoon

This article is Blue Lagoon Reopens After Tragedy. It is about a popular Nassau Shore Excursion at Blue Lagoon.

The featured image is from Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Island
Blue Lagoon Island – Photo by Bahamas

Blue Lagoon is a beautiful beach in Nassau that offers fun in the sun as well as snorkeling and other beach and ocean activities.


On November 14, 2023, one of the boats that bring guests from the Nassau Cruise Port to Blue Lagoon sank and one guest passed away as a result.

The guest was a 75-year old women. It was a really sad an unfortunate tragedy.

The attraction has been closed since the accident.

Blue Lagoon Reopened

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon – Photo from Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon island and attractions officially reopened this week.

The operator of the tour went through a review of all the safety policies and procedures for the boat transfer as well as on the island and have made significant changes to ensure that issues will not happen in the future.

The tour operator also reviewed other policies and procedures and updated the training for staff to improve the safety and experience of guests.

The Bahamas Port Authority performed several inspections prior to the reopening and the Port Authority formally allowed the reopening of the tour and experience.

Cruise Lines may perform additional safety reviews and have discussions with tour operators before offering tours again.

Blue Lagoon Experience

There are a variety of tour options for Blue Lagoon including snorekling, beach breaks, nature breaks as well as wild life encounter experiences. The wild life experience includes dolphins, stingrays, sea lions, and nurse sharks.

Note: I do not recommend or endorse any tours offering encounters with these animals as the animals are in captivity and often times are not treated humanely. Instead tours such as whale watches or dolphin watches where you may witness them in nature are the only types of animal encounters I would recommend.


When I book tours, I generally go with Shore Excursion Group or Viator rather than cruise lines because the two vendors generally often smaller group experiences for a lower cost than on the cruise line.

Thank you for considering using my links to support John the Wanderer when booking tours.

Blue Lagoon

It was a tragedy that the women died when the boat sunk in November. My thoughts go out to the family.

Hopefully the new training and safety policies and procedures success so such tragedies will be avoided in the future.

Blue Lagoon is a popular cruise tour so I am sure guests will enjoy the ability to return.

Note: Blue Lagoon announced their reopening on Instagram.

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