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Water Issues in Spain Impact Cruises

by John the Wanderer
Barcelona Cruise water issues

This article is Water Issues in Spain Impact Cruises. It is about a water drought in Spain that is causing problems for the country.

The featured image is from Luxury Trips Spain.

Spain is having the worst drought in the past 100 years and it particularly impacting Barcelona and the Catalonia region.

The region has formally declared a water emergency.


Barcelona Cruise Port Water
Barcelona Cruise Port – Photo from CruiseMapper

Many cruise ships sail from Barcelona each year and this drought is impacting the cruise ships as well as the citizens of Spain.

Depending on the ships water treatment capabilities, many ships require water from the ports in order to supply drinking water, cooking water and other water for use on the ships.

In an agreement with CLIA the cruise agency made up of all the major cruise lines and travel agents, they made an agreement with Barcelona to not use any local water from the port in an effort to help with the drought.

That means that cruise ships will have to make all of the water necessary while in the port area.


The drought is severally impacting Spain and its residents daily life as water restrictions are in place.

The drought causes issues for cruises sailing to Catalonia.

Cruise ships departing or visiting to Barcelona and other ports in the area are impacted.

The Spring and Summer cruise season is large in Europe and many of the ships make Barcelona the home port.

Water Shortage

The water shortage and agreement with the port to not use local water could impact which ships go to Barcelona.

Barcelona Cruise Ships - water issues

Photo from Luxury Trips Spain.

Modern cruise ships can typically produce all the water needed on the ship.

Some of the older ships may only be able to generate 70% of the water necessary.

In the past, cruise ships have needed 50% of the water from cruise ports. That has been reduced in recent years to 30%.

Now with the drought that needs to to 0% from the port.

Cruise ships use thousands and thousands of gallons of water each day so this could be a significant issue for ships coming to Spain.


Water Issues In Spain Impact Cruises is a great concern this year.

I love visiting Barcelona and it is sad to learn about the drought. Hopefully more rain will come to help resupply the regions water.

Have you sailed from Barcelona?

This story was originally reported on from Cruise Hive.


Hdhd February 20, 2024 - 8:48 pm

“Nessisary”? You’re a Blogger – get a clue.

John the Wanderer February 20, 2024 - 9:06 pm

Hey thanks for pointing that out! I appreciate it!


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