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31 Million Cruisers in 2023

by John the Wanderer
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This article is 31 Million Cruisers in 2023. It is about a staggering 31 million cruise passengers during 2023.


Icon of the Seas Aft View - 31 Million Cruisers in 2023
Icon of the Seas Aft View

The cruise industry in 2023 thrived. We saw the introduction of new ships as well as a surge in demand to higher than pre-pandemic rates.

CLIA is a cruise association made up of all the major cruise lines and it releases a report each year on the state of the cruise industry.

The key highlight from the 2024 State of the Industry report is the staggering statistic about the number of passengers in 2023.

Some other highlights include the debut of the World’s Largest Cruise ship, Icon of the Seas sailing in the Caribbean which arrived in Miami at the end of December, 2023 with its first guest sailing in January, 2024. I had the pleasure of sailing on Icon in January and enjoyed the experience. You can read about it here.


In the 2024 State of the Cruise Industry, CLIA highlighted that cruises are the top choice for multigenerational family vacations.

That means that many families are traveling together including, Grand Parents, Parents, kids and other family members.

CLIA explained that: 30% of families traveling by cruise with at least two generations and 28% of cruise travelers traveling with three to five generations.

Celebrity Ascent from port
Celebrity Ascent from port

I traveled with family during the year on Celebrity Ascent so I was a part of the 30% group.

The state of the industry report also highlighted an increase in new cruisers from 2023 increased by 12% over the previous year.

In addition, CLIA reported that 73% of cruises book with a travel advisor! That isn’t surprising to a travel advisor since we often get access to preferred pricing or additional onboard amenities that are not available when booking direct.

State of the Industry

CLIA forecasts that cruise demand is expected to increase over the next few years at a rate of 10%.

What exciting news for the industry.

I love cruises and would love to help you plan your next cruise! Get in touch by emailing me at john@johnthewanderer.com

You can read more information on the State of the Industry in the article from CLIA here. In addition, at the bottom of the article, you can download the entire report.

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