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Another look at Silvercar

by John the Wanderer
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Another look at Silvercar – 

SIlvercar AudiRecently I reviewed renting a car from Silvercar in Phoenix.

I have been thinking more and more about it recently as I will be in one of cities where Silvercar has a presence. I am considering renting again from them.

Silvercar offers an amazing offer for the first rental which allows you to save $50 off the first rental.
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In addition, if you register and use my referral code: JPERRI you will also earn $25 cash paid via paypal after you complete your first rental.

I think Silvercar is awesome in cities like New York because it can be like a shared car service but you get to drive an Audi A4 as well as shorter rentals in other cities. In addition, you can save $75 off of a rental in New York City.

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The current rate for most cities is around $49.99 to $59.99 a day so when you add the taxes and fees that can really add up. The nice thing about the initial offer is that you get $50 off the rental plus you earn $25 cash so that makes it a great deal.

I will continue to watch for additional promo codes that allow for discounts off of future rentals. But if you are traveling to one of the cities where Silvercar is available, I would recommend checking it out, especially if you are only there for two days.

Silvercar is currently available in:

Austin – AUS

Chicago – ORD

Dallas – DFW

Dallas – DAL

Denver – DEN

Fort Lauderdale – FLL

Los Angeles – LAX

Miami – MIA

NYC – Brooklyn

Phoenix – PHX

San Francisco – SFO


Silvercar is offering the incredible deal for NYC

For those who are considering renting in New York City, Silvercar has an amazing deal where you earn $75 off a two-day rental. Either use the link below or enter code SCNYC when reserving the car. This is combinable with the referral code JPERRI  when you register for an account so you can earn $100 off the first rental in NYC.
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That offer is very good and it helps to offset the higher daily cost for the car. The location in New York is easy and they will pick you up so it is a great deal.

I will let you know how my next rental goes. In the meantime, leave a comment about your experience renting from Silvercar.
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Please consider using my affiliate links when making your reservation with Silvercar. Also please use the referral code JPERRI when you register so you can get $25 cash after your first rental.

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