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VPN’s for use in China

by John the Wanderer
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This week I will be traveling to China, the land of the great internet firewall. China blocks most social networks and google so it makes it difficult to stay connected.

When I previously visited China, I utilized two different VPN’s in order to get through the firewall.

What I found was each of them worked some of the time. It seemed when I was connected to the WIFI at my hotel the firewall worked well; however, when I was connected to other networks or was using cellular data I would have less success using the firewalls.

I know that other people have had success using their T-Mobile Phones with the free international data as they seem to have their own VPN for the network which allows accessing these webpages.

I am curious what VPN’s you have had success with?

The one that worked best for me was Astrill VPN. I purchased a week plan for my previous trip and will be doing the same on this one.

Is there something better I should be using?

Last time I used the mobile version because I was only using my phone. This time I need the full version so I can use my laptop and hopefully post to the blog.

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