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Will we need a passport to travel domestically in 2016?

by John the Wanderer
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Will we need a passport to travel domestically ??











As many of you know, I live in Minnesota. Minnesota is one of the few states that does not comply with the Federal policy called the Real ID Act which requires all state identification cards and the policy for issuing them to adhere to specific standards.

What that means is because Minnesota licenses do not comply with the act, TSA will stop accepting them for valid identification purposes for taking any flights.













A lot of other states have been working with the Federal government in order to comply. Minnesota has attempted to but the licenses have not been approved.

I have a passport obviously but I generally do not carry it with me unless I am traveling internationally. It is just another thing to keep in my pocket when I travel.

When you apply for a passport, there is an option of a passport ID card for travel within North America. Perhaps that is something I should have gotten so that the id will fit in my wallet… Oh well.

Hopefully Minnesota will modify the IDs soon so that I can get a new one that will be in compliance with the federal policy.

Many say don’t worry as there will likely be a work around. Hopefully that is true. But for the time being, I better get used to carrying my passport with me every time I travel.

What are your thoughts?

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