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Guest Trip Report – Singapore Mileage Run – Delta – Tokyo to New York

by John the Wanderer
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Colin, a fellow miles and points enthusiast is writing a guest post on a trip report of a Singapore Mileage Run.

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Guest Trip Report – Singapore Mileage Run – Delta – Tokyo to New York

Date: December 7, 2015

Flight: Delta 172

From: Tokyo – NRT

To: New York – JFK

Aircraft: 777

Seat: 12A


I had a few hour layover in Tokyo so I set out in hunt of sushi. I found a great option within the terminal.


























After having the sushi, I headed to my gate and boarded the flight back, NRT-JFK. This was on a 777 which I’d never flown in DeltaOne either.















When I arrived at the boarding gate they were just wrapping up deplaning from the previous flight, I arrived this early because my upgrade had yet to clear (although I knew it would) and I wanted to request a specific seat, in this case 12A. Of all the seats showing open on the seat map, 12A seemed the best choice. In the 777 the DeltaOne cabin is divided, rows 1-7 followed by exits and a lav, then rows 10-12 (no rows 8 or 9), this meant I was in the last row of the smaller cabin of only 3 rows of seats with a full bulkhead behind me. I felt like this afforded me a bit more privacy and made the seat feel somewhat more enclosed then the others. And thankfully the helpful gate agent was more then happy to ensure that I got that seat.

Boarding began on time and in typical NRT fashion was VERY organized. In NRT prior to boarding the gate agents walk around with signs indicating the boarding zones and divide the waiting masses up so everyone in in the correct group and no one tries to cut in line.. I joined the line and when I reached the front the gate agent thanked me for being a Diamond and welcomed me to board.

As I entered the plane, the flight attendants also welcomed me and I proceeded to my seat.

I found the seats to be quite comfortable and very private. However they are kinda odd. For example the tray table is stored near your legs and to open it you need to firmly press down on it as it is spring loaded and then pull it towards you, VERY high risk of pinching your fingers. Its kinda hard to see in this pic but it’s the silver lever on the left.


























Seat controls and the monitor are to your left.

























One thing I really did like about these seats is that there is quite a lot of storage spots, and cleverly designed ones. For example on the right side there are actual cup holders.


























There is a compartment on your left which holds the remote for the tv, and a small area for wires and other little things.


























Over your right shoulder there is a little shelf with a pocket I used for my ipad, headphones, and the menu.


























Menus were distributed during the boarding process. The the selection was similar to the flight out, with a Japanese and Western selection.

Menu 1



Menu 2
Menu 4






































































A flight attendant approached my seat and asked to take my order. I requested the Japanese option, which was still available this time.

The boarding was completed and we had a short taxi before taking off.

Once in the air, the flight attendants prepared the cabin for a meal service.

The first course was the roasted scallops. They were good, though as I had never had roasted scallops before I really had no basis for comparison.

Appetizer NRT-JFK

























Followed by the main course which was…interesting…not as flavorful as I had been hoping for.
















And then the fish. The fish was very well prepared, but I really enjoyed the miso soup and steamed rice, I was oddly in the mood for comfort food at this point in the trip and this hit the spot.

Fish - NRT-JFK

























I of course followed it with a glass of port and the chocolate lava cake. The cake was enjoyable but I thought the portions were laughably small, only 2 bites.

Dessert - NRT - JFK

























I slept a good bit, watched a ton of tv, and texted most of the flight away. Halfway through they served the next meal, I opted for the stir-fry noodles. I loved the noodles, I am a sucker for stir-fry!

MidFlight Snack - NRT - JFK















The flight landed about a half hour late, not bad for hour hour or so delay in departure. There was a short taxi before arriving at the gate. As I departed the plane, the flight attendants thanked me as a rushed by desperate to make my original connection (more on that later).

Once I exited the plane, I proceeded to immigration and customs. I cleared it amazingly fast, despite getting the dreaded X on my automated customs card and the secondary screening.

Overall I thought that the flight was great, as funky as the seats were very comfortable and well laid out. The Japanese meal wasnt what I hoped for, but the port and stir-fry made up for it.


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