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UBERx promo in Twin Cities

by John the Wanderer
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I’ve written about UBER several times on the blog. Some recent posts include:

Overall I have enjoyed using UBER with one exception… surge pricing. Fortunately that is easy to avoid by watching for the warning icon in the app.

This past week I received an email about a new promotion in Minneapolis as well as other cities where UBERx is available for 20% off the regular prices.









My favorite version of UBER is UBERx so this is great news.

According to UBER the promo is valid for a limited time and depending on how many people request UBERx over the next few weeks they will extend the reduced pricing into the future.

This is an easy promo to do, all you need is to request an UBERx and the reduced pricing is already within the app.

In town I use UBERx to get to the airport. From my house it is about $45-$60 depending on traffic. So the additional 20% off will be nice.

Unfortunately, in order to use UBERx on the way back you have to pin off airport and contact a driver to see if they would be willing to pick you up at the airport. Otherwise you can take a hotel shuttle to one of the offsite locations and request the car there.

If you have not yet signed up for Uber, you can sign up using my link where you will earn $15 off of your first ride. When registering for Uber use my promo code: 80aoq

Hopefully you will be able to benefit from the new promo. Have you noticed reduced rates for your rides?


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