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Trip Report – Sheraton Duluth

by John the Wanderer
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A trip report about the Sheraton Duluth Hotel –

My wife and I were invited to a wedding in Duluth in January. The wedding was located downtown Duluth at the Greysolon Ballroom by Black Woods. Guests were invited to stay at the Sheraton Duluth which is located next door to the venue.

I made the reservation a few weeks before the wedding using the SPG app. The room was available for about $120 per-night plus tax.

My wife and I arrived at the hotel in the mid afternoon on Saturday. The hotel shares a parking ramp with other buildings in the city that is located around the back of the building. We located a parking space and then used the skyway and followed the signs to the hotel. Due to the fact that the location is on a hill. The Skyway is relatively high up and you have to use a special elevator to access the hotel. We followed the signs and made our way to the lobby.


























When we arrived, the lobby was busy with activity with other guests checking in and people from the wedding party in the lobby and at the bar.

The lobby featured some seating as well as the bar for the restaurant and a small Sheraton Link area.

IMG_2999 IMG_2998

















































We approached the front desk and waited in a line of two other guests. When we reached the front of the line. the colleague welcomed us and offered assistance. After I requested to check in, she asked for my name and for my identification card and credit card. I provided the documents. The colleague used my name and welcomed me. She confirmed my reservation details and thanked me for being a Platinum SPG Guest. The colleague offered the local amenity which she did not describe or points. I requested points. The colleague thanked me. She said that I had been given a room on the Club Floor with a view of the water. She asked how many keys I needed and after I requested two, she provided the keys in a packet and handed it to me. The colleague welcomed my wife and I to the hotel.

We reserved a standard king bed room but was upgraded to a club king bed room.

We were assigned room 630 which is located near the elevator bank.


























The room featured a king size bed with the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed. The room offered a small seating area as well as a desk with an office chair. There was a small dresser across from the bed as well as a television attached to the wall.





































































The bathroom featured a shower with the standard Sheraton Shine amenities. The bathroom was clean and free of defects. The water pressure in the shower was good and plenty of hot water was available.

IMG_2985 IMG_2986

















































The room was clean and comfortable and the bed was soft.

The linens on the bed were soft and they were clean.

The linens in the bathroom were a little thin but they were clean.

The telephone next to the bed was not plugged in when we arrived in the room. It took me a few seconds to realize it as it was not working when I picked it up.


























The best feature of the room was the view of Lake Superior with the Lift Bridge in the background. It was a cold winter day with the temperatures around zero. The view was excellent.IMG_2996



















We felt that the bed was comfortable and we were able to get a good nights rest.

We visited the Club Lounge. Surprisingly the door was unlocked so any guest could access it regardless if you had lounge access or not.


























The lounge featured several tables and chairs as well as two couches.



















































The lounge also offered a view of Lake Superior and the Lift Bridge which was dramatic with a hazy sunlight that day.




















A small buffet area was setup in the room as well as a refrigerator with beverages and yogurt in it.


























The hotel offers an evening reception as well as breakfast; however, the room is open 24 hours with some granola bars and beverages available. The wedding occurred during the evening reception so we did not check out the evening offerings.


























The club lounge was clean and the tables and chairs were setup neatly. A television was tuned to sports programming.

In the morning I visited the lounge and found it to be busy with activity. A colleague greeted me when I entered the room and he appeared a little overwhelmed with the number of guests that were in the room at that time.

All of the tables and chairs were taken; however, I found a spot on the couch.

The breakfast was setup neatly and it included mini egg omelets with hash browns. Cereal and a variety of bread was also available along with coffee, juice and fruit. In addition, soda was available in the refrigerator.

IMG_3036 IMG_3035 IMG_3034 IMG_3033
































































































The stock level on the food was low due to the number of guests accessing the lounge that morning.

The food appeared appetizing and fresh.

I selected an omelet, hash browns and fruit.


























The omelet was served warm and it was made with cheese and it had a good flavor. The hash browns were fresh and they were slightly warm. They were seasoned well. The fruit was served chilled and it was fresh and sweet. I added Siracha which was available in the lounge.

The colleague cleaned the tables as guests were departing and he restocked the buffet when more food was delivered to the room. The colleague made light conversation with me.

When my wife and I were ready to depart, we approached the desk and found one colleague present and zero other guests were waiting. The colleague welcomed us and offered assistance. I requested to check out and she asked for my room number. After I provided it, she used my name and she inquired about the stay. I said that it was good. She verified if I wanted to leave the charged on my credit card on file. I said yes and she said she would email me the receipt. She confirmed me email address. The colleague asked if we parked in the ramp. I said that we did and she provided a parking validation slip which she said to insert in the machine as we were departing. The colleague thanked us for staying at the hotel and she invited us to return in the future. The email was received a few minutes later.

Overall it was a nice hotel. We felt that the colleagues were friendly and welcoming. The room was clean and comfortable and the view was excellent. We would return in the future.


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