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Secret Flying – Awesome Flight Deals

by John the Wanderer
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Secret Flying – Awesome Flight Deals

Secret Flying - Awesome Flight Deals

I recently discovered Secret Flying. Secret Flying is an amazing resource for finding great airfare deals. I’ve added it to one of the three sites that I regularly check as they often posts deals that only last for an hour or so.

The three web pages that I check out are:

  1. The Flight Deal
  2. Fare Deal Alert
  3. Secret Flying

I highly recommend checking these sites daily. Even better, you can subscribe to them via RSS or on social media and set alerts to notify you whenever they post a deal.

Many of the deals only last for a short amount of time. If you can get in on them you can obtain some amazing travel experiences for a minimal investment.

Just this past week Secret Flying has posted the following deals:

  1. USA to Europe for $180-$250 round trip
  2. Taipei to USA for $170
  3. USA to Australia for $540
  4. Many US cities to Hawaii for $400
  5. Philadelphia to Ireland for $383

Secret Flying - Awesome Flight Deals

There are many more examples that you can find on the blog. The blog constantly post things throughout the day so it is best to check the webpage regularly.

I found the deal to Taipei that I wrote about this past week on Secret Flying.

It is always awesome when new travel resources become available as many deals do not last long so it is excellent having these webpages to help find the deals.

Some of the deals that are posted are error fares which means that there is a chance that they will be canceled; however, many of the other deals are just really low sale fares. Either way, it is a good resource to check out.

What resources do you use?

I use all three of them to locate deals and search Google Flights or the ITA Matrix to find the deals based on a calendar.

Hopefully these webpages can assist you in finding your next deal!

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