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Philadelphia Day Trip Admiral’s Club PHL A15

by John the Wanderer
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Philadelphia Admiral’s Club PHL A15

American Airlines ran an excellent sale fare between Minneapolis and Philadelphia for $89. A friend and I took advantage of the deal and booked a day trip flying in in the morning and returning in the evening.

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Philadelphia Day Trip – American Admiral’s Club A15 PHL

After returning to the Philadelphia airport, my friend and I had about an hour and 15 minutes before our flight was scheduled to depart.

We made out way through security and then walked through the A terminal at at the airport to locate the Admiral’s Club.

I can access the Admiral’s Club using my Air Berlin Gold status and that status also allows one guest who is also traveling on a One World flight.

We located the club which was on an upper floor above gate A15. To access it, we took the stairs to the entrance area.

Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15

Upon arrival at the lounge, there were three other guests waiting in line and three colleagues working at the reception and customer assistance desk.

After reaching the front of the line, a agent greeted me and invited me to the desk. I presented my boarding pass and access card and identification card. The colleague processed the registration. I said I had a guest with me and she thanked me. The colleague did not ask to view my guests boarding pass. The colleague asked if I wanted a beverage coupon. I accepted and she provided one coupon. The colleague thanked me and she invited me and my guest into the lounge.

The lounge covers a large area on the upper floor. From the entrance area you could either turn right or left. To the right included a large seating area which lead into another room with a food and beverage station as well as a hosted bar.

Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15

To the left there were several seating sections with large windows that overlooked the gate area and runways.

Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15

There were tables and chairs available throughout the area with a variety of seating.

At the end of the hallway, there was a large food area. The area was stocked with two soups, cheese, crackers, celery, carrots, tomato, hummus and olives. In addition, three varieties of snack mix were available as well as cookies and brownie bites.

Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15

The food all was signed and it looked appetizing. The station was clean.

Water stations were available with lemon flavored and regular water.

A coffee station was available with a self service machine.

Soda’s were available in a small refrigerator near the buffet area.

Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15

Paper products and disposable flatware was available along with glass beverage glasses. The glasses were clean.

Colleagues were present that were circulating the room and keeping the buffet area stocked as well as cleaning.

Near the food area, there were a good number of regular tables and chairs where you could enjoy your snack while overlooking the airplanes outside the window.

Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15

The lounge featured two business center areas as well as restroom facilities.

The lounge was clean and in good condition. The temperature was comfortable.

I was provided the beverage coupon so I walked over to the bar area.

Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15

The bar area was busy with activity. There was one bartender present and four or five other guests were waiting in line for assistance.

Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15

After waiting for about five minutes, the bartender was ready to assist me and she greeted me warmly. I requested a Prosecco. The colleague took my coupon and she obtained a clean sparkling wine flute and poured a glass from a regular bottle of Prosecco which was located behind the bar. This was a change from other lounges, as a split is usually provided for the Prosecco option. The colleague presented the glass and she asked me to enjoy.

Philadelphia Admiral's Club PHL A15

The Prosecco was served chilled. The wine had a good level of bubbles and it had a good flavor.

I relaxed by the window and watched the planes as we waited for our flight.

While we were in the seating area, a colleague greeted us and offered to remove my used glass. I accepted and she thanked me.

There were several flight announcements for the boarding on the international flights in the lounge area; however, it was otherwise relaxing.

When we were ready to depart the lounge, we approached the reception desk and there were three colleagues present and two other guests were waiting. One of the colleagues thanked us as we departed the lounge.

Summery – 

I enjoyed the lounge as it offered excellent views of the gate areas. We were able to view several 330’s, a 340, 777 as well as 321 and 737 aircraft during the visit.

The lounge was clean and it appeared recently remodeled. It was relaxing in the area. I felt that the colleagues that we interacted with were polite and they made us feel welcome. It would have been helpful for their to be a second bartender as the bar area was busy with activity throughout the visit.

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