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Checking out Bent Brewstillery – Roseville MN

by John the Wanderer
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Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN

Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN

I recently attended the TBEXinMN conference hosted at the Radisson Blue at Mall of America.

Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN

Prior to the conference, there were some great events to explore Minneapolis.

The City of Roseville setup an amazing tour that visited Bent Brewstillery.

Bent Brewstillery is an amazing brewpub that also serves as a distillery.


Bent Brewstillery is located at 1744 Terrace Dr, Roseville, MN 55113.

It is located within an industrial area within a warehouse.

The brewstillery is located near Highway 36 and Interstate 35W near Minneapolis.



The City of Roseville led an escorted tour via bus from the TBEXinMN conference at the Mall of America. Because I lived in the city and I attended another event prior, I drove myself and met up with the tour when they arrived.

The tour was setup around the 2nd Annual Bayou & Beer Craw Fish Boil

When I arrived the area was packed and there was a long line waiting for crawfish and beer.

Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN

Tickets to the event included one beer and one crawfish dinner.

Roseville kindly included a few beers and the crawfish dinner as part of the tour for all the participants from TBEX.

The crawfish was prepared outdoors under a tent which was busy with activity.

A station was setup with a few kegs outside where people could sample the beer offerings at the Brewstillery.

Inside the building, the main bar served a large variety of on tap as well as bottled beers.

Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN

When the tour arrived, our host bought each us us a beer at the bar and we were able to sample them prior to selecting our favorite. The bartenders were friendly and they were happy to provide multiple samples to help us choose.

Once we all had a beer, we were given a tour of the brewery and distillery area.

Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN

The owner and brew/distillery master greeted us and he told us about his story of moving from being an engineer with NASA to being a brewmaster. It was quite the story and it showed how much passion he had for brewing and distilling.

Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN

The brew process used barrels from Minnesota which are used for both brewing beer as well as for distilling.

Bent Brewstillery Roseville MNBent Brewstillery Roseville MN

The owner informed us that by using the same barrels it adds unique flavors to both the beer and the spirits.

Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN

The owner also gave everyone a sample of the distilled spirits that the facility was offering before inviting us out to the crawfish area for dinner.

Crawfish Boil

Our group first stood near the food preparation area and we watched the team members prepare the food under the tent.

Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN

We all took a seat at one of the tables and socialized while our food was being prepared.

Once it was ready, we were each given a large plate of crawfish with two potatoes and a half corn on the cob.

Butter and a seasoning mixture were available on the table.

Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN

The crawfish were cooked well and it was fun using our hands to eat it.

The corn and the potatoes were fresh and they had an excellent taste as well.


Bent Brewstillery has a wide selection of beers that they brew right there at the location.

There are two year-round brews and then a lot of seasonal options.

The brewstillery offers a three page menu with all the beer options as well as a specialty one page one as well.

There are options from the Light to Dark varieties as well as some unique options including some sours.

I selected one of the unique ones that included coconut!

Bent Brewstillery Roseville MN

The beer was on the dark variety and the coconut flavor was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect with it but I really enjoyed it.

I am normally one that likes beer on the lighter side, But this coconut one was smooth and it had an excellent taste.

Conclusion of the tour

The tour concluded after all of us enjoyed our crawfish and had ample time for socializing.

Most of the attendees took the bus back to the Mall of America while some of the bloggers stayed for a while to enjoy the bar.

I would highly recommend checking out Bent Brewstillery as it is a unique venue with amazing beer and spirits.

Bent Brewstillery frequently feature food trucks for food options while you are enjoying a craft beer!

Thanks again to TBEX and the City of Roseville for offering this amazing experience.




Sell All Your Stuff June 3, 2016 - 3:24 pm

Coconut beer! That sounds interesting. I love how the craft beer industry has exploded in recent years. So many beers…so little time.

John The Wanderer June 3, 2016 - 4:03 pm

Yes Coconut Beer! You got that right. I would have never thought it would be good but I had a sample and it was really good so I had a glass!

aCajuninCali blog June 3, 2016 - 4:45 pm

Not sure about coconut beer either @sellallyourstuff:disqus! But I am all about the crawdads!!!! What a great way to celebrate cajun culture @johnthewanderer:disqus! I’m sure some cajuns ended up in Minnesota, too.


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