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TBEX Party at Nickelodeon Universe MOA Party

by John the Wanderer
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TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

I attended the TBEX Conference in Minnesota and as part of the conference there were three social events included with the conference registration.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

The evening prior to the start of the conference, the Mall of America held a party at Nickelodeon Universe for all the attendees.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

The event was called A Night Up North.

The event included food tastings from Minnesota vendors. In addition, there were tasting of Craft Beers.

The best part of the event, however, was the fact that the Mall of America opened up the amusement park for all the conference attendees to enjoy the rides, games and attractions.

Event Registration

The event registration took place in the atrium of the Mall of America where, conference attendees who provided their conference registration badge, were given a wrist band for admission into the amusement park for the event.

A band was performing on stage and there were some samples of sodas and other beverages in the lobby area. TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

Guests were given a postcard that highlighted the areas of the amusement park that were open as well as where the food vendors were located.

Amusement Park

The amusement park is primarily focused on children; however, there are several rides for adults as well. All of these adult rides were open for conference attendees.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

Photo – Lee of BaldThoughts.com

The rides included roller coasters in the theme of Nickelodeon characters.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

The rides little to no wait for each one, and attendees were able to ride as many of the rides as they would like as well as they could ride multiple times.

The roller coasters were fun and some of them were thrilling.

The staff at the Nickelodeon Universe were friendly and they helped with storing guests belongings while they were utilizing the rides.

Gaming Area

Some of the amusement park games were available for attendees.

These games were the games of chance where you either had to hit a target with a ball or to pop a balloon.

Winners were given prizes which included small plush stuffed animals that were themed as Nickelodeon characters.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

Lee of BaldThoughts.com with his prizes.

Surprisingly the games were easy to go and I think everyone who played them were given a prize.


The Mall had a band performing in the atrium.

There were also ice carving demonstrations.

In addition, a performer was using silks to dance in the air.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

The performer was talented in her dance.

Food Options

The Hard Rock Cafe served Minnesota favorites include Walleye Sliders, Chicken Wild Rice Soup and Tater Tot Hot Dish.

The food was setup neatly and staff were assisting with the serving of it.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

The Walleye Sliders were excellent. The fish was fried lightly and it had an excellent flavor. The bun and the toppings had a good flavor as well.

A Minnesota State Fair Vendor was setup providing cheese curds and mini donuts.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

North Mallow and Co. served made to order s’mores with vanilla bean, chocolate chip, caramel or mocha marshmallows with a variety of chocolate topping options. The marshmallows were melted over candles in a unique display.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

The s’mores were excellent. I sampled the mocha marshmallow one and it was excellent. I selected a peanut butter cup for the chocolate part.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

In addition, Pepsi served 1893 speciality beverages including a Ginger Ale and Original Pepsi.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

Photo: Lee of Baldthoughts.com

Craft Beer was served at various locations in the amusement park.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

New Attraction

The Mall of America recently introduced a new feature called Flyover America which was a theme ride that simulated being on an airplane that flew throughout the United States.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

The ride was setup so you could feel air blowing towards you and mist as well as video on an IMAX screen which made the ride feel true to life.

TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party TBEX Nickelodeon Universe Party

I enjoyed the ride a lot and appreciated the opportunity to experience it during the conference.


The Mall of America put on a great party to welcome guests to TBEX. A lot of thought went into making the event fun for all so I appreciate having the opportunity to experience it.

Have you experienced the Flyover America or any of the other rides at Nickelodeon Universe? What do you think about it?


Thanks to @BaldThoughts for providing three of the photos which are noted above. Check him out at BaldThoughts.com




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Lee Huffman July 12, 2016 - 9:15 pm

Loved having access to all of the cool rides! The Smores were so tasty. My kids loved the stuffed animals that I brought home from the carnival games.


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