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Cancun American Minneapolis Miami

by John the Wanderer
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Cancun American Minneapolis Miami

My wife and my Summer Cancun Vacation Trip started with a flight on American Airlines from Minneapolis to Miami.

Trip Summary

Date: June 11, 2016

Flight: American 309

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: Miami – MIA

Aircraft: 737

Seats: 4A and 4B

Airport Experience

The trip began with an early morning check-in at Minneapolis.

When we arrived, there were a lot of other travelers gathering and waiting to check in at the American ticketing counter. In addition, there were long lines for TSA as it was before 4:30 AM when the Pre-Check line opened.

My wife and I booked the ticket using miles where we redeemed 50,000 American miles per-person on a saver first/business class award. The economy tickets on the itinerary were not available at the saver level so it was actually less costly to fly in first and business class.

Cancun American Minneapolis Miami

We approached the check-in area and noted the Premium Lane had bout five other guests in it, while the regular lines had around 50 other guests.

We were assisted at the desk after waiting about 15 minutes.

The agent greeted us and promptly checked our bags and issued boarding passes for the trip. The agent wished us a pleasant flight.

By that time, it was after 4:30 AM so the TSA Pre-Check line opened a few minutes before we joined the line.

The security line for Pre-Check had 15 other guests in it, while the regular line had 100.

After waiting about 10 minutes, we approached the front of the pre-check line and were assisted by TSA.

Once we were through security we noted that our flight departed out of the C gates, which are actually Delta gates that American leases.

The issue with the gates is the gate boards do not get updated with the flight information so it is confusing and the gate agents have to constantly make announcements about what flight departs from which gate.

Cancun American Minneapolis Miami

Fortunately, on this trip, a new American sign was placed over the display board covering up the Delta display.

The gate area was crowded and no seats were available when we arrived.


Boarding began on time and we joined the line when first class was invited to board.

The gate agent greeted us and scanned our boarding passes before inviting us to enjoy our flight.

The flight attendant greeted us when we entered the airplane and welcomed us.


The seats were standard American 737 first class seats with power ports. The seats were comfortable and the recline and leg room was good.

Initially, the flight attendants did not offer a pre-departure beverage; however, after the conclusion of boarding,  water or juice was offered from a small tray.

I had orange juice. The orange juice was chilled and it had a good taste and flavor.

The flight departed the gate on time and after the safety video was shown on the screens the flight attendants prepared the cabin for departure.

There was a short taxi before the plane was up in the air.

In-Flight Experience

A short while after take-off, the flight attendants circulated the cabin and provided a beverage and offered a choice between an egg dish or bread pudding. I selected the bread pudding and a glass of water.

The flight attendants thanked me and they said they would serve the meal shortly.

The beverage was served shortly with a cocktail napkin.

A few minutes later the bread pudding was served.

The flight attendant refilled my water at that time and asked us to enjoy our meal.

Cancun American Minneapolis Miami

The bread pudding was served hot. The bread pudding was sweet and it had a good flavor. The bread was rich and it was accompanied by applies. The apples were seasoned with cinnamon and they had a sweet taste. A small container of maple syrup was also provided; however, it was not needed with the fruit. In addition, a warm biscuit was served which was fresh and had a good taste.  A small fruit plate accompanied the meal. The fruit was fresh and it was served chilled.

The flight attendants circulated the cabin throughout the flight.

After I finished the meal, they offered to remove the tray and they offered more beverages during the rest of the flight.

My wife and I watched a television program on our iPad but did not use the WiFi or watch the on-screen entertainment which was provided on the flight.

A mint was offered just before landing.

Cancun American Minneapolis Miami


As the airplane approached, Miami, I snapped a pictures of the beach as it was a beautiful morning.

Cancun American Minneapolis Miami

The flight landed ahead of schedule and after a short taxi the flight reached the gate.

The flight attendants thanked the passengers for flying American and they wished everyone a good day.

We had about an hour or so before the boarding of our next flight so we visited the Admiral’s Club before the next flight.


Overall it was a good flight. The flight attendants were polite and they made us feel welcome. It would have been a little better if the pre-departure beverage was offered earlier and a full beverage choice would have been offered. The food on the flight was fresh and it had a good taste.




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