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My flight on American Airlines LGA DCA

by John the Wanderer
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a window of an airplane

American Airlines LGA DCA

Trip Details

Date: Friday, August 5, 2016

Flight: American 2167

From: New York LaGuardia – LGA

To: Washington DC – DCA

Aircraft: E190

Seat: 4A

Airport Experience

I arrived at the airport about an hour and a half before the scheduled flight time. It took about four minutes to go through security.

The flight departed from the C terminal. The C terminal also serves Delta. The terminal was recently renovated and it had a new and clean feel.

I visited the Admiral’s Club for a few minutes and then made my way to the gate at the scheduled boarding time. The gate area was light with activity and there were plenty of seats available.

I received an upgrade to first class about 100 hours before the flight.


Boarding began within five minutes of me arriving in the gate area. I joined the line and the gate agent greeted me when I reached the front. After I scanned my boarding pass, the agent thanked me using my name and she wished me a good flight.

A flight attendant greeted me by the door and she welcomed me.

The plane was an E190 which was a mainline one operated by American Airlines. The seats were standard first class seats similar to the E175. There were no outlets or USB power ports. The plane featured WiFi.

American Airlines LGA DCA

The seat was comfortable and the recline functioned.

Boarding was efficient and the airplane had a lot of open seats in economy, while first class was full.

The flight attendants did not offer a pre-departure beverage.

American Airlines LGA DCA

The flight attendants prepared the cabin for take-off and the plane departed the gate about five minutes ahead of schedule. There was a short taxi and then the Captain announced that the route for the flight changed so the plane parked for about five minutes while the new route could be entered in the airplanes computers.

During the taxi, the sky looked pretty cool so I took a few pictures.

American Airlines LGA DCAAmerican Airlines LGA DCA

The route had the plane flying at a low altitude due to storms in the area so there was an announcement that WiFi was unavailable on the flight because it would be below 10,000 feet for the entire flight.

The flight attendant greeted each passenger in the forward cabin and asked for their beverage selection once the plane was in the air. I requested vodka cranberry. The flight attendant thanked me.

In Flight Experience

Once the plane was in the air, the flight attendants announced that due to the short flight they would not be providing a beverage service in the economy cabin.

American Airlines LGA DCAAmerican Airlines LGA DCA

The flight attendants worked together to deliver the beverages to the passengers in first class.

The vodka and cranberry arrived in a plastic cup. I was given a cup with ice, a can and a mini bottle of vodka to mix to my liking.

American Airlines LGA DCA

The beverage had a good taste.

A few minutes after the beverage was served, the flight attendant provided a basket with snacks and she asked if I wanted any. The snack basket contained chips, popcorn, cookies and nuts. I selected chips and cookies.

American Airlines LGA DCA

The chips were crispy and they had a good taste. The cookies were oatmeal coconut flavored and they also had a good taste and flavor.

The flight attendant walked by my aisle and provided a second bottle of vodka so that I could mix another drink if I desired.


Prior to landing, the flight attendants removed the used items from the tray tables and they prepared the cabin for landing.

American Airlines LGA DCAAmerican Airlines LGA DCA

Once the flight landed there was a short taxi to the gate before the passengers were able to deplane.

The flight attendant thanked the passengers as they departed.


It was a quick flight. The airplane was clean and comfortable and the flight attendants were polite. I got surprised when the drink by the way the drink was served. I guess it made sense so that if the passenger wanted a second drink they could pour it quickly and not having to wait for the flight attendant to serve it.

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