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New York Sightseeing 10 Images

by John the Wanderer
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a bridge over a river with trees and a city in the background

New York Sightseeing 10 Images

This is a post about New York Sightseeing 10 Images.

My wife and I traveled to New York and we spent a weekend walking around the city and exploring.

This post covers 10 images that I feel captured our trip best.

1. No trip to New York is complete without spending some time in the park.

New York Sightseeing 10 Images

I love walking around Central Park. It is such a peaceful setting in the large city. Here I am on top of one of the rock formations taking a look around on a warmer than normal Winter day.

2. Our favorite area of the city is Little Italy.

New York Sightseeing 10 Images

Little Italy is fun to explore. You can find some unique shops and some awesome restaurants. This is the sign that welcomes you to the area. During the day you can find great lunch specials at all the restaurants and at night you can get a gourmet dinner at various places throughout the street.

3. A glass of bubbly to celebrate an amazing meal in Little Italy.

New York Sightseeing 10 Images

Prosecco – our favorite sparkling wine!

4. Eggplant Parmesan expertly prepared at Benito 1 in Little Italy.

New York Sightseeing 10 Images

Benito 1 is a tiny little restaurant on Mulberry Street with only a few tables. We managed to get the last table at the back where we enjoyed an amazing dinner. Above was my eggplant parmesan, which was full of flavor including the buffalo mozzarella that was on top!

5. The Freedom Tower stands near the 9/11 Memorial and it offers new perspective on the Downtown Skyline.

New York Sightseeing 10 Images

Although we did not go, it is possible to go to the observation deck and get a glimpse of the city from high above the ground.

6. Chelsea Market was decorated neatly for the holidays. I loved this clock and snow like decorations surrounding it.

New York Sightseeing 10 Images

7. A cool looking Christmas Tree

New York Sightseeing 10 Images

This Christmas Tree was made of paper cranes. It must have taken hours to fold all of them.

8. I love espresso and I love finding a great local cafe, especially one as good as Cafe Bari.

New York Sightseeing 10 Images

Cafe Bari located on Avenue of the America’s near 39th Street makes an awesome cappuccino. The espresso was smooth and bold in flavor and the milk was creamy. The friendly barista enhanced the experience by decorating the cup with a flower. You should check it out on your next trip to New York!

9. Who wants to go ice skating?


Throughout the city there are several areas where you can rent ice skates and have some fun on the ice. This one is in Central Park. Everyone out on the ice looked like they were having a lot of fun. The backdrop of the skyline and park also enhanced the experience.

10. The reflection pool at the 9/11 Memorial on a sunny afternoon.

New York Sightseeing 10 Images

The memorial and museum is a somber place. The sunshine and the trees added contrast to the image. It reminds me to never forgot but to also not live in fear.

That’s my trip. What do you like best about the Big Apple?

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