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American Admirals Club LGA

by John the Wanderer
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American Admirals Club LGA

My wife and I visited the Admirals Club at LaGuardia airport, which was located near the D gates. We were directed to the C gates when we arrived, so we had to take the bus so that we could access the club.

We approached the club and noted that the entrance was clean and the signature clearly marked where to go for the lounge near gate D2.

American Admirals Club LGA

Upon arrival, you reach an elevator lobby. We entered the elevators and proceeded to the upper level for check in.

Upon arrival, we approached the reception desk and the agent processed our membership and she invited us into the club.

Club Layout

The club is setup over multiple rooms, which make the club feel smaller than it actually is.

American Admirals Club LGA

Near the reception desk, is an area with red chairs. The area was decorated for Christmas with a tree and other decorations nearby.

American Admirals Club LGA

Next to that area, was the guest service desk followed by two large seating areas.

American Admirals Club LGA

The seating areas had a mix of chairs with tables and other seats without tables.

The best feature of the seating area was the large windows that faced the New York Skyline. I was able to watch the sunset while we were in the lounge.

American Admirals Club LGAAmerican Admirals Club LGA

American Admirals Club LGA

On each side of the seating area, there were snack bars as well as coffee stations.

American Admirals Club LGA

A business center was available along with a Television room with comfortable chairs that faced a large screen TV.

The bar was located in another room. The bar offered a great view of the airport and the gate area where you could watch the planes as well as view one of the runways.

American Admirals Club LGA

On the far side of the lounge, a food for purchase areas was present with a neat display of cheesecakes and other food items.

American Admirals Club LGA

In addition another snack station was available.

American Admirals Club LGA

The lounge offered a shower room as well as private bathroom facilities.

Lounge Experience

I approached the bar and was greeted within a few seconds by a friendly bartender. I requested Coors Lite and she provided it in clean glasses and she thanked me and asked me to enjoy when she served them.

American Admirals Club LGA

The beers were served chilled and they had a good taste.

The snacks that were available including humus, salad, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, cheese, crackers and olives. There were also three snack mixes available as well as water and iced tea.

Another station offered two soup options including a Thai Chicken and a Roasted Vegetable one.

American Admirals Club LGA

I selected the Thai Coconut Curry soup.

The soup was served hot. The soup had an excellent coconut flavor. The chicken was fresh and it was cut into small pieces along with the vegetables and spices. The soup was fresh and had a good taste.

While we were seated in the lounge, staff members were circulating the room and they promptly removed used dishes and glasses. When we interacted with them they were friendly and polite.

The staff members were also observed to keep the food stations clean and stocked.

We had a couple hours of time to enjoy the lounge so we relaxed and watched the New York Skyline. We also utilized the WiFi and were able to stream audio and video files from the Internet without issue.


When we were ready to depart the lounge, one of the team members greeted us near our seat and she thanked us and she wished us a good flight.

The agent at the desk was assisting another guest when we departed.

We enjoyed our visit to the Admirals Club. We felt that the bartender and other staff members that we interacted with were friendly and polite and they seemed happy to assist us throughout the visit. The lounge offered great view of the city skyline as well as of the airplanes so it was a great AV Geek area. We would be happy to return to the lounge in the future.

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