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American Airlines Minneapolis Los Angeles Review

by John the Wanderer
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American Airlines Minneapolis Los Angeles

This is a review of flights on American Airlines Minneapolis Los Angeles.

American Airlines Minneapolis Los Angeles

My colleague recently traveled to Tokyo on American Airlines via Los Angeles and he wrote about his experience on the flights.

Trip Details

Flight: American 1179

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: Los Angeles – LAX

Aircraft: 737

Seat: 4F

Ground Experience

The flight departed from the D gate area at Minneapolis Airport. American utilized one of Delta’s gates.

The gate area did not have electronic signs listing the flight; however, there was a small sign that was placed in front of the Delta display board that said Boarding American.

There were two gate agents present; and then made a few announcements prior to boarding. The agents were polite and they provided efficient service.


The airplane was a 737 that was not painted with the current American Airlines livery.

American Airlines Minneapolis Los Angeles

The airplane was in the standard configuration and the seats had power outlets. Overhead video was offered as well as WiFi streaming entertainment.

Flight Attendants

Two flight attendants assisted in the first class cabin. The flight attendants were attentive, they used my name and they were cordial throughout the flight.

Meal Service

The flight was a breakfast flight and a choice between a Bistro Sandwich and a Fruit plate was offered. I selected the Bistro Sandwich.

During the flight beverages were served first about 20 minutes after the airplane took off. I requested and received coffee with Baileys.

American Airlines Minneapolis Los Angeles

After the coffee was served, a hot towel was provided followed by the breakfast tray. A few minutes later, a bread basket was offered with three options.

American Airlines Minneapolis Los Angeles

The bistro sandwich was served in a small dish with lettuce and tomato garnish. The sandwich was made with Canadian Bacon, eggs, cheese and mustard. The bread was fresh. The cheese melted outside the sandwich but had a good taste.

The meal also included fruit including strawberry, pineapple and grapes that were garnished with mint. Strawberry Chobani yogurt was also provided.

Overall the meal had a good taste.


American Airlines Minneapolis Los Angeles

The flight duration was around three hours or so. A movie and TV programming was shown on the overhead screen.

I utilized the WiFi and the speed was average. Emails and web pages functioned throughout the flight. All of the streaming entertainment content was complimentary to all the passengers on the flight.


The flight was good overall. The flight attendants used my name and they were attentive throughout the flight. The food was good and the seat was comfortable.


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