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Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago

This post is a trip report on my flight Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago.

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago

Trip Details

Date: March 10, 2017

Flight: Delta 540

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: Chicago – ORD

Aircraft: 320

Seat: 13D


I planned a weekend trip to Chicago when I learned that a good friend of mine was having a birthday celebration in the city.

I found the ticket for around $180 round trip. Chicago is one of those cities that you can frequently get great deals on because all three major airlines have nonstop flights there (American, Delta, United) as well as a couple discount airlines have nonstop flights to Chicago including Spirit and Southwest.

The flight was an early morning departure on Friday and an early morning return on Sunday. It was possible to book other times; however, the price went up significantly.

Airport Experience

The spring break season has started so the activity level at the airport was very busy.

When I arrived, both TSA Checkpoints were noted to have about a 40-minute wait.

Fortunately, that was the regular line. The Pre-Check line was the normal five to 10-minute wait that I typically experience.

It is also possible to purchase CLEAR membership which gives nearly immediate security check using a kiosk. Staff was present actively promoting it in the terminal.

Travel Insurance

Do you have an travel insurance policy? A travel insurance policy can be purchased for an individual trip or on an annual basis. Travel policies generally go above and beyond credit card coverage and provide medical coverage as well as travel expenses for medical reasons. Allianz offers an excellent product that is very competitively priced.

Gate Area

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago

I made my way to the gate area at boarding time. It was in one of the gates that has a restaurant and store which take up most of the seating area so people were standing everywhere and it was a bit hectic.

It is possible to sit at the restaurant and use one of the iPads there while you wait, however, it feels a bit crowded with all the things going on. I have never felt comfortable in these boarding lounges.

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago

I was assigned Zone 1 and when I arrived, boarding was up to Zone 1 so I joined the line of about five people and was greeted by the gate agent who asked me to scan my boarding pass. After I scanned it, the gate agent used my name and thanked me and welcomed me on the plane.

The flight attendants also welcomed me when I boarded.

The boarding process continued and flight attendants assisted passengers with seating and storing their bags.

The plane departed the gate on time and after a 10-minute taxi, it was up in the air.


The aircraft was an Airbus 320. The plane was recently retrofitted with new overhead bins, seats, and power ports.

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago

Delta Airlines Minneapolis ChicagoIn addition, a new air vent and light console was installed.

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago

All these enhancements made the plane look brand new.

Delta also offers Delta Studio via the mobile app and GoGo so you can watch movies or television shows for free during the flight.

The seat was comfortable. I was seated in the regular main cabin. There was just enough leg room.

It is possible to purchase Delta Comfort which offers more leg room and free drinks and premium snacks. For such a short flight, it was not worth it to me to pay the fee.

In Flight Experience

The flight was around 40 minutes. The flight attendants prepared the cabin for service and they could provide a beverage and snack service to everyone despite the short time.

An announcement was made asking passengers to have their selection ready and to limit to one beverage per-person.

When the flight attendants reached me, I requested orange juice and was given a choice between pretzels or cookies. I requested cookies.

The flight attendant provided the beverage as well as the cookies.

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago

The flight attendant was friendly and polite and he thanked me and asked me to enjoy.

A few minutes later, the flight attendants began to pick up the used items as the Captain announced that they were preparing for landing.

The flight attendants thanked me when they picked up the used cup.

Soon enough the plane was on the ground and after about a 10-minute taxi, we reached a gate.

The flight attendants and a Pilot were present near the door. I thanked them and they wished me a good day.


I felt that the staff on Delta was friendly and polite and all the staff I encountered were welcoming and they made the flight enjoyable. The plane looked great and the seats were comfortable. It was a great improvement that the new bins and console were installed. It made it so much easier storing the bags and enjoying the flight.

Have you traveled on Delta Recently?

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