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American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

This post is a review of my experience on American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis.

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

Trip Details

Date: April 28, 2017

Flight: American Airlines 1559

From: Chicago – ORD

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: S80

Seat: 5A


My return flight from Chicago to Minneapolis was upgraded about two days prior to departure. I was notified via email about the upgrade. When I reviewed the seat map several seats were still available for the return flight.

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Airport Experience

I approached the gate area a minute or two before the scheduled boarding time. A gate agent announced that boarding would be delayed about 10-15 minutes.

After about ten minutes, boarding started so I joined the line when first class was invited to board.

The gate area was busy with activity and no seats were available at the time of the visit.

Once I reached the front of the line, the agent asked me to scan my boarding pass.

After I scanned it, he thanked me and welcomed me on the plane.


The airplane was a S80 aircraft.

The seat was a standard first class recliner seat and it was comfortable.

The aircraft offers limited storage and roller bags only fit on one of the sides.

Boarding completed about 10 minutes after the scheduled departure time.


The flight attendants offered a full pre-departure beverage service. All of the customers in first class were offered their choice of a beverage.

I requested water and the flight attendant provided within a minute or two.

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

Once the plane was ready to depart, the flight attendants provided a safety demonstration and then prepared the cabin for departure.

The flight attendant greeted half of the cabin and offered to take the beverage order of the passengers in the first two rows but then stopped before reaching row four and five due to the timing of take-off.

There was a short taxi before the Captain announced that the plane was ready for take-off.

Chicago Business Trip Introduction American Airlines Chicago MinneapolisAmerican Airlines Chicago MinneapolisAmerican Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

In Flight

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

About fifteen minutes after take-off, the flight attendants welcomed everyone on board and they prepared the cabin for service.

The flight attendant greeted me at my seat using my name and offered a beverage selection. I requested a cranberry with soda water drink. This drink was recommended by a fellow blogger Jamie from The Forward Cabin.

The drink was served a few minutes later with a cocktail napkin.

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

The drink was served chilled over ice and it had a good taste.

The flight attendants offered a selection from the snack basket.

American Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

There was a fair amount of turbulence throughout the flight.


Shortly before landing, the flight attendants cleaned up the cabin and they thanked all the passengers in the first class cabin for flying American.

American Airlines Chicago MinneapolisAmerican Airlines Chicago Minneapolis

The plane landed on time and there was a short taxi to a gate.

Once at the gate, the gate agent welcomed passengers to Minneapolis and provided information on baggage claim. The flight attendants thanked the passengers upon departing the aircraft.


Overall the flight was uneventful. The flight attendants were friendly. It was a nice touch that the flight attendants used the passengers name in taking the drink orders and thanking them sincerely for flying on American.




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