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Sweet Experience Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta

This post is about my Sweet Experience Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta. It is a review of the experience I had flying Delta.

This is part of my Dominican Republic Mission Trip Report.

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta

Trip Summary

Date: July 22, 2017

Flight: Delta  1991

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: Atlanta – ATL

Aircraft: MD-88

Seat: 4B


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The Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta trip was arranged via a group booking. The mission trip company Bethany used a travel agent. For the booking and all the details were handled via the organization.

Prior to the trip, I obtained the Delta confirmation number and was able to enter it to add my Skymiles Number and to select seats for the flight.

My reservation was originally booked with three other people; however, I later called to separate it so that I would have the ability to request Comfort Plus seating. The process involved me first calling the travel agent who in tern had to call Delta to split the reservation.

Normally you can ask Delta to do it but with a group booking, all changes are required to be initiated by the travel agent.


One day prior to departure, the flight got upgraded to first class and I was assigned seat 4B.

Check In

The check in process for Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta was a bit complicated because of the reservation being booked as a group.

I attempted to check in online but the system would not allow it.

All the group members were asked to meet at the group check in area on the lower level at MSP airport at 3:30 PM.

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta

No agents were present and the group waited until 4:15 AM before proceeding upstairs to the main check in area.

An agent assisted the group with check in and asked everyone to use the kiosks to enter our passports.

The check in process lasted about 15 minutes, and I was able to join the TSA Pre-check line and proceed through security within five minutes.

Gate Area

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta

I met the other group members near the gate area after boarding was already halfway through.

The boarding area was at G2 so it was in the area with all the iPads. It was early morning; however, so the restaurant ones were not available.

The gate agent made several announcements asking everyone to board and she specifically spoke to the group to try to get them to hurry up to board even though there was still 20 minutes left in the boarding process.


I boarded with the group. I attempted to trade my first class seat with another group member, but they declined so I let the others board before me.

Once I reached the gate agent, she scanned my boarding pass and thanked me and invited me to board.

A flight attendant greeted me at the cabin door and I made my way to my seat.

Surprisingly there was still overhead space available even though I boarded after the entire first class cabin was onboard.

A flight attendant greeted me at my seat and offered a pre-departure beverage. I declined and enjoyed the water that was placed at the seat.

The boarding process lasted for about five minutes after I got on the pane before the door was closed.

The plane was full mostly with vacation travelers heading to Atlanta to connect to a Caribbean destination.

There was a short taxi before the flight was up in the air.


Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta

I was assigned seat 4B, which is an aisle seat at the rear of the first class cabin.

The seat is a standard first class seat that reclined.

Power ports were available under the seat and the flight featured WiFi entertainment.

The seat was relatively comfortable and the recline functioned without issue.

In Flight Experience

During the flight, I used the WiFi and looked at the entertainment options.

The system uses the GoGo App to play the videos and there were a variety of movies and television shows available.

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta

I selected an episode of Delicious Destinations. The video quality was excellent and there were no issues with the playback.

About 25 minutes after we were up in the air, a flight attendant approached my seat and provided a hot towel.

The towel had a pleasant scent and it was hot.

A few minutes later, a flight attendant picked up the towel and provided a placemat before offering a choice between cereal or an egg sandwich as well as a beverage selection.

I requested the egg sandwich and an orange juice.

The flight attendant served the tray a few minutes later and she asked if I needed anything else.

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta

The breakfast was served on a decorative tray. The sandwich was plated neatly at the center and a small bowl of fruit and yogurt. The napkin was rolled with the flatware inside.

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta

The sandwich was served hot and it consisted of egg, sausage and cheese. The bread was fresh and it was toasted neatly. The egg was fresh and the sausage had a good flavor.

The fruit was a mixture of berries and pineapple that was lightly sweetened. The fruit was fresh and it was presented neatly.

The orange juice was served chilled and it had a good taste.

The flight attendants checked in with me while I was enjoying the breakfast and they offered another drink.

When I finished the breakfast, a flight attendant picked it up and she asked if I needed anything else.

The flight attendants were noted to circulate the cabin several times and they were proactive in offering additional beverages.

One of the times that the flight attendants checked in with me, they offered a selection from a snack basket. I declined the basket at the time; however, it featured a variety of snacks including breakfast bars, popcorn and nuts.


Shortly before reaching Atlanta, the flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing and they thanked all the passengers in the first class cabin.

The plane landed ahead of schedule and there was a lengthy taxi before the airplane reached the gate.

The flight attendants thanked the passengers as we were leaving.


I enjoyed the Delta Airlines Minneapolis Atlanta flight.  I have been traveling more on other airlines and it was nice to return to Delta. I felt that the flight attendants were happy to assist the passengers and they were proactive in offering beverages. The WiFi entertainment functioned well and there was a variety of content available. I look forward to a future Delta flight.

What was your last flight like?



MeanMeosh August 4, 2017 - 8:49 pm

Oh my – Delta told your group to show up at the airport at 3:30 am and made you wait 45 minutes? I’d have been seriously p*ssed! At least your flight seemed quite pleasant.

John The Wanderer August 5, 2017 - 4:10 pm

It was just the group was waiting in the wrong place. We should have been upstairs at the main check in area because it was too early for the group area to be opened. I think it was just a bit of miscommunication to the group leader.


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