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Christmas Night Delta Airlines Lansing Detroit Experience

by John the Wanderer
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Christmas Night Delta Airlines Lansing Detroit Experience

This article is Christmas Night Delta Airlines Lansing Detroit Experience. It is a review of my experience flying Delta on Christmas night.

Christmas Night Delta Airlines Lansing Detroit Experience Christmas Travel Holiday Experience Introduction

The review of Delta Airlines Lansing to Detroit is part of my Christmas Travel Trip Report.

Trip Details

Date: December 25, 2017

Flight: Delta

From: Lansing – LAN

To: Detroit – DTW

Aircraft: Crj-700

Seat: 3C

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I received an email from Delta several days before the flight indicating that I was upgraded on the flight.

Since I was traveling on Christmas day this did not come as a surprise. It is nice to have a slightly larger seat for the quick flight up and down from Lansing to Detroit.

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Check In

I arrived at the Lansing Airport one hour before the scheduled departure time for the flight to Detroit.

No one was in the check in area and I walked up to the agent to check in.

Due to holiday travel, I elected to check my bag because I had some liquids to bring back to Minneapolis.

The agent welcomed me and reviewed my identification card before providing luggage tags and asking me to take the bag to the screening point.

The agent wished me a good trip and a Merry Christmas.

The TSA rep greeted me and accepted my bag before wishing me a good day.

I approached the TSA Checkpoint area and no one was waiting.

I was assigned Pre-Check thanks to my Global Entry and the security process was completed within a couple minutes.

Gate Area

It is always interesting going to the Lansing Airport as there are rarely any passengers present accept those that are departing on your flight.

A look at the departure board noted that there were only two departing flights for the entire evening.

Christmas Night Delta Airlines Lansing Detroit Experience

There is plenty of space to spread out throughout the terminal and sit down and look out the window.

Christmas Night Delta Airlines Lansing Detroit Experience

I took a seat in the area near the boarding gate and waited and watched as the aircraft arrived and pulled up to the gate.

The same agents that check passengers in at Lansing handle the gate area and in some cases parking the airplanes and operating the jet bridges.


Boarding started about 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

All bags had to be gate checked since the CRJ-700 has limited space for storage.

A flight attendant greeted me at the door and welcomed me on board.

I located my seat and relaxed while boarding continued on the plane.

The flight attendant offered a pre-departure beverage; however, I declined.

The flight attendant thanked me.

Boarding lasted about 10 minutes or so before the cabin was prepared for departure.

The plane left the gate at the scheduled departure time.

The flight attendants provided the safety demo and then prepared the cabin for take off.

There was a short taxi before the plane was up in the air.

Christmas Night Delta Airlines Lansing Detroit Experience

It was fun looking out the window as the plane took off.

Christmas Night Delta Airlines Lansing Detroit Experience


I selected a window seat for the flight in the first-class cabin.

Christmas Night Delta Airlines Lansing Detroit Experience

This is a picture of an aisle seat, but the window seat was the same on this aircraft.

The seat was a standard regional jet first class seat on Delta.

The aircraft featured a recline and WiFi; however, due to the short nature of the flight, the aircraft was under 10,000 feet for the entire flight.

In Flight Experience

After a quick take off, the flight was up in the air.

The flight from Lansing to Detroit is about 20 minutes so the plane basically goes up and then down and stays below 10,000 feet.

The flight attendants were asked to stay seated for the entire flight.

I looked out the window and watched the sun set and enjoyed the views during the short flight.

Christmas Night Delta Airlines Lansing Detroit ExperienceChristmas Night Delta Airlines Lansing Detroit Experience


A few minutes after going up in the air, the aircraft was prepared for landing.

The flight landed a head of schedule.

There was a medium length taxi to a gate in the C terminal.

After waiting for a gate to become available and then for the jet bridge to come to the plane the door was finally opened.

The flight attendant thanked me as I departed the plane.

The Detroit Airport offers a cool tunnel to go between the regional gate area of B and C and the main area of A for Delta flights.

The tunnel has a light and sound show as you walk under the tarmac between the terminals.

I had about an hour and a half before my next flight so I visited the Delta Sky Club to relax before the flight to Minneapolis.


The flight to Detroit on Delta was quick and fun. It was nice that the flight attendants offered the pre-departure beverage since the flight was too short to offer a service. The seat was comfortable and I got some great views as the plane traveled from Lansing to Detroit. Overall it was a good flight. Have you been on one of the quick 20-minute or less flights on Delta?

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