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Is Charleston The Perfect Southern City?

by John the Wanderer
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Is Charleston The Perfect Southern City?

This article it titled Is Charleston The Perfect Southern City?

Is Charleston The Perfect Southern City

It is about what makes Charleston South Carolina an awesome southern city.


Anyone who has ever been to Charleston, South Carolina can probably agree that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the South. From year-round perfect weather to incredible beaches, Charleston is truly a Southern gem.

There are so many great things to do in Charleston.

As a starting point, check out the LonelyPlanet Charleston guide. It offers so many suggestions of great things to do there.

I’d also recommend checking out the personal reviews on TripAdvisor when I plan for activities and good and beverage.

There are four reasons reasons why Charleston is the perfect Southern city:

  1. Great Beaches
  2. Amazing Food and Beverages
  3. Awesome Weather
  4. Stunning Architecture

Great Beaches

I love an awesome beach and Charleston has some amazing ones.

Charleston is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast.  

Is Charleston The Perfect Southern City

One of the most popular Charleston beaches is Folly Beach, which is popular among both locals and tourists.  I love beaches with a cool dock that you can walk up to and grab pictures of the sand and beach by the dock. 

Is Charleston The Perfect Southern City

Surfing is extremely popular on Folly Beach, and the beach is a prime spot to lay out and watch the surfers out on the water.  If you’re eager to get in on the action, the Shaka Surf School offers surfing lessons for those interested in learning.  Another popular beach in Charleston is Sullivan’s Island, an upscale area that continues to attract droves of tourists annually.  

Is Charleston The Perfect Southern City

Amazon Food and Beverages

Charleston residents like to kick back and unwind just as much as anyone else, which is why the city has so many great cafes, bars, and restaurants!  

Is Charleston The Perfect Southern City

Being that Charleston is located near several swamps, locals and tourists have the unique opportunity to dine swampside at many different restaurants.  

Charleston also has no shortage of quaint bars and cafes, so you’re sure to find something that appeals to your taste (and taste buds!).

Is Charleston The Perfect Southern City

Awesome Weather

The weather in Charleston is pretty much perfect year-round, which can’t be said for many other places in the U.S. Temperatures average at around 80 degrees in the summer and 60 degrees in the winter, which means the weather is basically always pleasant and balmy. Charleston’s amazing weather is one of the biggest reasons many people love living there (and probably why all of the locals seem so happy!).

Stunning Architecture

Is Charleston The Perfect Southern City

Charleston’s beautiful homes and buildings are hands-down the coolest parts of the city. In fact, Charleston architecture is so stunning that several movies have been filmed in the city. Some of the movies The Notebook, The Patriot, and Dear John.

Antebellum homes are the most commonly aligned with Charleston, and there are many Antebellum-style homes in the area to this day.

Charleston real estate is truly one-of-a-kind, and continues to be one of the biggest points of interest in the city.


Is Charleston The Perfect Southern City

With the great beaches, food as well as awesome architecture and weather, Charleston just might be the perfect southern city.

Photos: Google/Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau/FollyBeach.com/Eater.com/Imbibe Magazine/Redfin

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