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Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

by John the Wanderer
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Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

This article is Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central. It is a review of my wife and my stay at the Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central.

New England Road Trip Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The hotel review is part of my wife and my New England Road Trip.


I booked the Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central using Hilton Points. The room was available at the standard rate of 28,000 points.

While the point total was a bit high for a basic hotel, it saved a few bucks, so we could spend it on the road trip itself for gas and meals.

You can book the hotel for around $120 per night on Hilton.com.

Check out other guest reviews and photos and book on TripAdvisor.


The Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central is located just outside the downtown area of Portsmouth. It was a quick 5-10-minute drive to the old town downtown area.

The hotel is located near shopping and many restaurants.


My wife and I arrived at the hotel in the evening.

When we reached the front desk, two agents were present and one other guest was being assisted.

After about a minute, an agent welcomed us to the hotel and processed our check in. The agent informed us about the happy hour evening reception that was going on for another 15 or so minutes. She also pointed out the breakfast and hotel amenities including the pool and fitness center.

The agent provided our keys and wished us a good stay.

The lobby was busy with activity due to the happy hour.


We were assigned room 411 which was a king size bed room located near the elevator.

The keycard opened the door without issue.

The room was setup neatly and it featured the bed plus a small seating area.

New England Road Trip Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The bed was clean, and the linens were soft. Four pillows were provided on the bed. Two pillows were soft and two were firm.

The seating area was comfortable and there was a small table present.

Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

A computer desk was located across from the seating area and it featured a standard office chair.

Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The dresser with television was located across from the bed.

Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The television functioned, and a variety of HD channels were available. The audio and video quality were excellent.

The room thermostat adjusted the temperature of the room without issue.


The bathroom featured a large walk in shower.

Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The shower was clean. The water temperature and pressure were excellent.

Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The vanity offered plenty of space for our personal items.

The amenities were setup neatly.

Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The bathroom toilet and sink were clean.

Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The linens were soft and comfortable and were free of defects.

Evening Reception

I visited the evening reception and was greeted by a team member who welcomed me and offered beer or wine.

I requested a beer for my wife and me.

Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The agent informed me that they were featuring Red Hook beer which was located near the hotel. The agent offered an IPA or a red option.

I requested one of each and the agent provided it for me and asked me to enjoy.

A sign noted that each guest could enjoy three drinks during the happy hour.

A small appetizer station was setup which featured soup and garlic bread.

Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The beers were served chilled.

New England Road Trip Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The IPA was very hoppy, but it was fresh.

The red beer was smoother, and it had a slightly bitter taste.

It was nice that the hotel offered craft beer for the happy hour.


In the morning I visited the breakfast.

The area was busy with activity as the hotel was nearly full that evening.

The breakfast featured omelets, bacon, waffles and oatmeal for the hot food.

Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The chilled items included pastries, cereal, yogurt, bagels and fresh fruit.

Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central

The food was all setup neatly and it was stocked.

An attendant was present to keep the area clean and to assist guests during the morning.

The food looked appetizing and it was served at the correct temperatures.

A coffee station was present which offered two types of regular coffee, one decaffeinated as well as tea.

I sampled an omelet, bacon and fresh fruit.

The omelet was served warm and it was made with cheese and vegetables. The omelet was fresh, and it had a good taste. The bacon was crispy, and it also had a good taste. Hot sauce was available. The fresh fruit included pineapple, oranges and grapefruit and it was sweet and fresh.

Check Out

My wife and I approached the front desk to check out.

When we arrived one agent was present, and no other guests were waiting. The agent greeted us and offered assistance.  After we requested to check out, she confirmed our room number, used our name and inquired about the stay.

The agent processed the check-out promptly. She thanked us for staying at the hotel and invited us back soon.


Our stay at the Hampton Inn Portsmouth Central was enjoyable. I enjoy Hampton Inn because you always know you will get a clean and comfortable room with a great breakfast in the morning. This property exceeded our expectations. The evening reception was a nice addition where we got to try some local craft beer. We had a good night’s sleep and the visit was enjoyable overall.

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