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American Airlines Providence Washington

by John the Wanderer
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American Airlines Providence Washington

This article is American Airlines Providence Washington. It is a review of my experience flying American Eagle from Providence to Washington DC (DCA).

American Airlines Providence Washington

The article is part of my wife and my New England Road Trip.

American Airlines Providence Washington Trip Summary

Date April 30, 2018

Flight: American 4439

From: Providence – PVF

To: Washington DC – DCA

Aircraft: E145

Seat 13A

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Check In

I arrived at the airport about an hour and 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

The American Airlines check in area and security area was practically empty with only a few people around.

The airport does not offer CLEAR for bypassing the identification check at security.

There was no waiting in the TSA Pre-check line and I cleared security within three minutes.

I walked the terminal for a bit and saw a couple cool planes.

The first was the Patriots plane which was parked on the tarmac.

American Airlines Providence Washington

It was surprising seeing the plane off season at this small airport, but it makes sense since it is conveniently located in the heart of New England.

In addition, there were two Norwegian Air 737 Max airplanes at the airport offering flights to Cork, Ireland as well as onward flights throughout Europe.

American Airlines Providence Washington

That means that you can fly to Europe for super cheap on the no thrills airline from Providence for a couple hundred dollars.

The airport does not have any Priority Pass or airline lounges, so I walked to the gate area.

Gate Area

The gate area had a few people scattered around.

American Airlines Providence Washington

Plenty of seats were available. Phone charging stations were available but there were very few outlets to power laptops and other devices.

Surprisingly while I was walking in the terminal, the Southwest gates had plenty of charging stations available; however, American, Delta and United did not have them near their gates.

I took a seat and worked on my laptop (fortunately it was fully charged) for about 30 minutes prior to the flight.


Boarding began about 35 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

The boarding process was efficient.

I joined the line when my group was called and made my way onto the airplane.

A flight attendant greeted me at the door.

I made my way to my seat and got comfortable and looked out the window for a while the plane was prepared for departure.

All the passengers were on the plane within 15 minutes of when boarding started and the door was closed early.

The plane departed the gate ahead of the schedule.

The flight attendant was friendly, and she joked with the passengers prior to the safety video and after and even had a contest for a free “water or coffee,” for the first passenger that could remember her name.

It was a fun experience.

I looked out the window as the plane made its way to the runway.

American Airlines Providence WashingtonAmerican Airlines Providence Washington

Once the engines revved up, I got a view of the coastal communities surrounding Providence as the plane went up in the air.

American Airlines Providence WashingtonAmerican Airlines Providence WashingtonAmerican Airlines Providence WashingtonAmerican Airlines Providence Washington


The aircraft was an E145 which is an all economy plane in a 1-2 seating.

I was seated at a row on the 1 side over the wing.

American Airlines Providence Washington

The seat was a regular economy flight.

The plane did not have power ports and I did not notice a GoGo signal for accessing the internet or entertainment.

The seat was comfortable and there was a good amount of leg room.

In Flight Experience

Once the plane was up in the air, the flight attendant offered a beverage and snack service.

I requested a Coca-Cola and Biscoff cookies. The flight attendant asked if the can was okay. I accepted, and she thanked me and asked me to enjoy.

American Airlines Providence Washington

The flight attendant returned a few minutes later to pick up the trash and again closer to landing.

Prior to landing was around the time of sunset.

I was on the wrong side of the plane to get a good picture, however, I was able to snap a few pictures as the plane vectored around Washington DC a bit.

American Airlines Providence WashingtonAmerican Airlines Providence WashingtonAmerican Airlines Providence WashingtonAmerican Airlines Providence Washington


The in air time duration is just over an hour, so it went by quickly.

The flight attendant prepared the cabin for landing and once the plane was on the ground there was a short taxi to the gate.

She thanked me as I departed the airplane.

The gate was a remote one, so I got to walk off the plane onto the tarmac and then ride a bus to the terminal.

The flight attendant thanked me as I departed the airplane.

The flight from Providence arrived at the remote terminal. Passengers were required to take a bus to the terminal.

We waited about five minutes for the other passengers to get off the plane before the bus drove to the terminal.


The American Airlines Providence Washington flight was fun, and it went by quickly. The flight attendant was fun, and it was nice that she joked with the passengers. The flight was good overall. The passengers on the 2 side of the plane got a great view of the sunset for the majority of the flight so that’s a bonus if you are sitting on the two side on this evening flight.


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