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Delta Sky Club Detroit

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Sky Club Detroit

This article is Delta Sky Club Detroit. It is a review of my experience at the Delta Sky Club at Detroit Airport near the A60 gate area.

Delta Sky Club Detroit

This article is part of my Finger Lakes New York Trip Report.


I accessed the Delta Sky Club Detroit thanks to my American Express Platinum Card. The American Express Platinum Card gives you access to Delta Sky Club when you travel Delta. In addition, you get to visit the Centurion Lounges, which are an amazing lounge experience at select airports in the US.

There unfortunately is no Priority Pass lounge in the McNamera Terminal at Detroit, so unless you have access to the Delta Sky Club, you will unfortunately have to wait in the terminal before your flight.


There are four Delta Sky Club’s at the Detroit Airport. The main one is in the central area just outside where you exit the security lines. That lounge is large and accommodates a lot of people. There are two other lounges on each side of the A terminal as well as one in between the B and C terminal.

For this Delta Sky Club Detroit visit, I selected the one near the A60 gate on the upper level by the train.

Delta Sky Club Detroit


I arrived at the Delta Sky Club Detroit and noted two guests were waiting and one agent was present at the door.

The lounge was about 40% occupied when I arrived.

After waiting for a minute or two, the agent invited me to the desk. I used my fingerprint to gain access thanks to CLEAR. In addition, I presented my American Express Platinum Card.

The agent used my name and welcomed me. The agent informed me about my departure gate and she wished me a good visit.


The Delta Sky Club Detroit near gate A60 is a medium size lounge with various seating areas.

The lounge has traditional décor including fireplaces with a touch of some modern artwork.Delta Sky Club Detroit

Delta Sky Club Detroit

There are multiple seating options in the lounge in the various rooms.

Delta Sky Club Detroit

Most of the tables and chairs are similar throughout the lounge and they are setup neatly and were clean during the visit.

A business center area with computer desks is present along the windows.

Delta Sky Club Detroit

A coffee station is located near the entrance to the lounge and the self service bar and food is in the back of the lounge.

Food Options

The lounge offered eggs with bacon buts on the side as well as oatmeal as the hot options.

Delta Sky Club Detroit

Chilled options included yogurt, fresh fruit and cheese.

Delta Sky Club Detroit

Bread and pastries were also available.

Delta Sky Club Detroit

The food was displayed neatly but not all the items were signed.

The bar was self-service and it offered a variety of alcohol including one sparkling wine and two other wine varieties.

Delta Sky Club Detroit

Three beer options were available in the bar along with a soda station.

Delta Sky Club Detroit

Lounge Experience

I relaxed for a few minutes and enjoyed a coffee.

Delta Sky Club Detroit

Staff was present in the lounge to circulate and keep the area clean and in good condition.

One of the team members greeted me while I was near the coffee station.


When it was time for my flight to depart, I exited the lounge. The agent at the reception desk thanked me and she wished me a good flight.

The lounge was 35% occupied when I departed.


I enjoyed my quick visit to the Delta Sky Club Detroit. The agent and staff that I encountered were cordial and I felt welcomed. The coffee was fresh and the visit was good overall.

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