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Cruise News: Free Casino Cruises

by John the Wanderer
Nassau Senor Frogs Ship View

This cruise update on news covers free casino cruises and more.

Nassau Senor Frogs Ship View
Nassau Ship View

I read a lot of articles and when I see ones that are interesting I save them so I can share with others. Here are some of the articles that I found this week:

How to get free cruises by gaming casino status matches

If you have not been in a cruise casino recently there are a lot of ways to get free cruises via matching casino status from the different programs. I have never been a gambler myself but there can be some real value out there in doing this to get two or free cruises. While the cruises won’t exactly be free as you will pay for taxes, gratuities, drinks, wifi, etc, this can still be a good option on Carnival, Holland America and possibly MSC or other cruise lines. I know a lot of people that have gotten three of these so it is pretty awesome to follow these instructions. Note: If you sailed recently and have been in the Casino on any of the Carnival brands you likely will not be able to get the offer since they will know your gambling history.

Could You Be Bumped from Your Next Cruise?

These days with such demand cruises are filling up. There have been several news stories about people getting bumped from their cruise ship. Most of the time if it happens it allows to rebook on a similar option on a different ship or get a refund. The challenge is that prices keep going up so many cruise lines just apply a credit against the new cruise. So this could end up costing you if you are not able to switch to the same week. I recently talked with someone who got switched from an older ship to a newer ship so they were happy with the change. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. This article gives some ideas of what to do if it happens to you.


I just stayed posted an article about my experience on Carnival recently where I stayed in a interior room. I enjoyed it and it was perfect for a short cruise. There generally are great values out there if you cruise in an inside room. For me I don’t mind them because it is dark for sleeping and you can save money. I prefer the view from the deck rather than a balcony normally as well. What do you think about inside rooms?

You can read about my experience on Carnival Conquest here.

My “Free” Holland America Cruise Keeps Costing me More – “The Retreat” Booked!

As a follow up to the first news story, Rene talks about how his “free” Holland America cruise cost increased with adding on options for the cruise. I know some people that love the retreat upgrade option on the line so I think it is worth it. It will allow for more relaxing time in the sun!

It’s been a number of years since I sailed on Holland America. It would be fun to check them out again. I will be eager to read about Rene’s experience after the sailing!

Sun Princess’ New Family Zone to Offer Nine Activities

Sun Princess is going to be Princess Cruises newest ship and it is a brand new design with a lot of cool features. I am booked on her next year and I am looking forward to the experience. In this news update some of the family fun areas are introduced and it looks like they will be a lot of fun!

The Hammock Area sounds like it will be a nice relaxing spot to read or be on your phone!

The Amazing Yachts of Porto Cervo

This isn’t so much cruise news but it is often times fun to check out some of the large boats in several ports. It is amazing how a lot of people design these amazing yachts so they can have their own personal cruise ship. This article has pictures of several of them in an Italian port.

Cruise News

Those were some of the articles I saw recently. Did I miss something? Comment below and let me know if you saw something and I can cover it in an upcoming news update!

Have a great day!


SMR July 4, 2023 - 10:53 am

Thanks for the article. Deal will be dead soon. Why can’t some things be left alone.

John the Wanderer July 4, 2023 - 12:02 pm

I guess you are right with a lot of people making use of the game. Have you gone on one yet?


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