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Cruise News: Alaska Railroad GoldStar

by John the Wanderer
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a train going down the side of a river

This article is cruise news: Alaska Railroad Goldstar service as well as other relevant cruise articles I found this week.

I read a lot of cruise articles. When I see ones of interest I flag them so I can share them on the blog.

The featured image photo was taken by René de Lambert.

Alaska Railroad Review

a train going down the side of a road next to a body of water
Alaska Railroad – Photo Credit: René de Lambert

There is a lot of buzz around Alaska cruises and cruise tours. A fellow Boarding Area writer recently got to go on the Alaska Railroad GoldStar and they enjoyed the experience. I think it would be a lot of fun to go on one of these trains with the large picture windows to see all the sights in Alaska. Alaska sure is beautiful and it looks like you can go with comfort and even get a nice meal and some drinks on this one! Have you been on an Alaska cruise?


This is a good debate about what port is better. I am excited to go to Santorini on my Europe cruise next week. But after reading this post I may want to do a cruise that goes to Mykonos in the future so I can see if it actually is better! I like the iconic white buildings and getting to watch the sunset and look back over the entire area and seeing the ships from Santorni. Have you been to either port? Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite!

Ruby Princess Finally Departing San Francisco After Collision

When a cruise ship gets damaged it causes a lot of trouble. We all make mistakes so I bet the crew member that did the maneuver must feel really bad about it. It was nice Princess was able to repair it promptly, although the fact that some of the ports had to be missed can definitely cause stress for passengers. It is good that no one was injured!

Carnival Amex Offer: Spend $1,000 & get 25,000 Membership Rewards

I love when a good offer comes out that can allow you to earn a lot of bonus points. Since a lot of people are cruising these days it is always good to check your credit cards offers in case there is a promo like this. Since you are definitely going to spend $1,000 on a cruise these days this is an awesome way for Carnival cruisers to earn some bonus points!

For my Carnival cruise last year I was able to take advantage of offers from Chase that helped reduce the price of the cruise!

Cruise News

That was some of the stories I saw this week. From a review of the Alaska Railroad GoldStar to some bonus points for sailing on Carnival there are a lot of things going on this week in the cruise world.

Did I miss an article you found interesting this week? Comment below and I can share it on a future article!

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