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Shanghai Trip Report – American Airlines – DFW – PVG on the 787

by John the Wanderer
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DFW to PVG on the 787 – 

This week I am traveling to Shanghai for a mileage run vacation.

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Shanghai Trip Report – American Airlines – DFW – PVG on the 787

Aircraft: 787

Date: September 10, 2015

Flight: American 127

Aircraft: 787

Seat: 1H

787 DFW

As I mentioned previously, I have been excited about this trip as I would get to experience the 787 for the first time.

I am an American Executive Platinum and I receive Eight Systemwide Upgrade Certificates. I made a request to use one for this flight. The flight was waitlisted at the time of the reservation. Shortly before flight time, inventory opened up and American processed the upgrade automatically. I was assigned a seat in the rear of the business cabin in the middle.  The aircraft is setup in 1-2-1 in business with some of the seats facing backward. When I looked at the seat map none of the window seats on the 1 side were available so I selected seat 1H which was a rear facing seat.

Boarding began approximately 30 minutes late. When I arrived at the gate a long line was already formed so I took my place in line and waited for my turn.

When I reached the front of the line the gate agent greeted me and she checked my passport and scanned my boarding pass. The gate agent used my name and welcomed me on board.

When I entered the aircraft, I was greeted by two flight attendants who warmly welcomed me. One of the flight attendants asked for my seat number and she informed me where to go to locate my seat. As I was walking in the aisle, another flight attendant greeted me and he helped me locate my seat.

The cabin was mostly full when I entered and everyone was in a cheerful mood. A lot of the passengers were taking pictures of the new aircraft so I took a few shots as well.

787 J cabin

This was the first time I experienced a rear facing seat. The cabin is staggered as to allow privacy between the seats. The middle seats have a patrician that could be lowered if I had a traveling companion. I did not so the partition remained up.

The seat is a lie flat seat with a large high definition video monitor. The seat offered a variety of settings which were controlled by a touch screen at the side of the seat. The seat featured two power outlets and two USB ports .reading lights and a remote control for the television.

787 J Seat


787 outlets787 Video Screen 787 J seat controls

An amenity kit was placed on the seat along with Bose Headphones and a bottle of water. The menu was also placed at the seat along with a pillow and blanket. The seat light options included two LED lights along with two air vents.

787 J Menu


787 J Menu - Appetizer

787 J Menu - Entree 787 J Menu - Dessert 787 J Meal - Snack and Breakfast


787 J winesOnce I was situated, a flight attendant welcomed me on the airplane and offered Champagne or Mimosa. I requested the Champagne and was provided a glass promptly.

The boarding process was efficient and the door was closed within about 20 minutes after boarding commenced.

I read that the aircraft blocked cell phone signals so I was unsure if I would be able to use my phone. I did not have any issues myself. The door was closed quickly so I did not leave the phone on long. The aircraft features WIFI but I did not utilize the service as it is $20 for the flight. I figured I could be unplugged for the 15 hour flight.

The purser introduced herself to me and she used my name. The other flight attendant greeted me and he used my name and asked how I would like to be addressed. I said my first name would do and he thanked me and he used my first name throughout the flight.

The purser asked for my meal order and informed me that chicken was not available but she recommended the Halibut or the Beef. I ordered the Halibut and she thanked me.

A relatively short taxi occurred and the Captain announced we were ready to depart. The aircraft was louder than I expected and takeoff was a little bumpy.

Because my seat was backward facing takeoff felt strange and the bumps bothered me a little more than normal. Once we were in the air, the aircraft got quieter and the ride was smooth.

Once we reached a cruising altitude the flight attendants were prompt to greet the passengers. A hot towel was provided, followed by a table cloth. I was offered a drink selection and I ordered Champagne. I was also offered nuts and water.

787 wine and nuts

The flight attendants checked in with me several times while I was enjoying my beverage. When I finished the wine, I was quickly offered another glass. I changed to a white and was provided a new glass. The flight attendant poured the glass at my seat.

The meal service began and I was offered a choice between two different salad dressings. One was creamy and the other was a Ginger one. I selected the Ginger one. The flight attendant provided the tray and he asked me to enjoy the meal.

787 J - salad

The flight attendant checked in with me several times while I was enjoying the appetizer and salad. I was offered a warm role and there were three options. I selected a cheese one.

The appetizer was a Japanese style mushroom with a tangy Ginger sauce. It was fresh and had a good taste and flavor. The salad featured mixed greens, cheese and nuts. The ingredients were fresh and it had an excellent taste. The salad dressing had a tangy ginger flavor.

787 J starter - Mushroom

When I finished my appetizer and salad, the flight attendant promptly removed the used dishes and my entrée was presented. Again the flight attendants checked on me several times during the entrée course.

787 J entree - Halibut curry saue

The Halibut was served hot. The Halibut was fresh and it had a light flavor. The fish was cooked well and it was enjoyable. The fish was set on a curry sauce. The sauce had a good flavor and I enjoyed it. The dish was served with green beans and rice. The green beans had a good flavor. I did not consume the rice but it looked fresh.

After I finished the entrée, the flight attendant removed the tray and he offered another beverage. I declined the beverage and he refilled my water at that time.

Within a few minutes the dessert course was served. I selected an ice cream with the berry topping. I was also offered whipped cream and nuts but I declined. The ice cream was chilled and it had a good vanilla flavor. The ice cream was topped with berries in a sweet sauce.

787 dessert - ice cream

























I was also offered coffee or tea but I declined the service.

After I finished the ice cream, the flight attendant cleared my tray and place setting and he offered another beverage. I continued to enjoy water. The flight attendant thanked me and he continued to use my name during the meal service.

The flight attendant asked me to let him know if I needed anything.

I watched a movie during the meal and the video quality was excellent. There were a lot of options available and the system featured something for everyone.

The flight attendants were observed walking through the cabin every few minutes and they were attentive to guests.

After the movie I turned my seat into a bed and I took a nap for a few hours. The bed was comfortable but I felt a little cramped with my feet as the area is angled and smaller. The bed was comfortable. No bedding was offered; however, a blanket and pillow was provided at the seat. They were both soft and comfortable.

I woke up and walked around in the cabin. The aircraft was clean and roomy. One of the business restrooms was large and it had plenty of room to change.

A snack bar was setup in between the two business cabins. The snack bar offered fresh fruit, a snack basket with chips, cookies, nuts and sweets. In addition a tray with sandwiches was provided along with mini desserts and some pudding. The snack options all looked appetizing.

787 Snack bar - J

The flight attendants kept my water bottle full throughout the flight.

About halfway through the flight a snack was offered and I was given a choice between a sandwich or a Asian Duck options. I selected the Asian Duck option. The flight attendant also offered a beverage but I continued to enjoy water.

The snack was served promptly and it included the duck snack with a small fruit salad. The duck was cut into thin pieces and it was served on a noodle salad. The duck had a good flavor and it was chewy. The salad was fresh and it had a good taste and flavor. The fruit salad was fresh and it also had a good taste. The only drawback to the option was that it was not served with chop sticks.

787 J - Snack - Duck

After I finished the snack the tray was promptly removed and the flight attendants continued to check in on me.

I slept for another couple hours before watching a few movies. The flight time went by relatively quickly as the ride was smooth and the aircraft was quiet.

About an hour before arrival, the flight attendants adjusted the lighting in the cabin with a shade of red and began a breakfast service.

787 - cabin lighting before landing















I was greeted by the flight attendant using my name. He offered either a Western Quiche or an Asian Dim Sum breakfast. I ordered the Dim Sum and he offered juice or coffee or another beverage. I ordered a Coke. The flight attendant noticed my water was empty and he apologized that that happened and said he was on break and his colleague did not keep the guests water bottles full.

The breakfast was served promptly. The tray was setup neatly and the Dim Sum was wrapped in a leaf. A small salad was served on the side along with a key lime pie. The Dim Sum was served hot and it had a good taste and flavor. Three options were available including a pot sticker, pork bun and a shrimp shumai. All of the dim sum had a good taste. The pot sticker was slightly dry but was otherwise good. The dish was served with noodles. The salad was chilled and the vegetables had a good taste and flavor. A pre-packaged dressing was served with the salad. The key lime pie looked good but I was full at the time so I did not try it.

787 J - pre-arrival meal

Once I finished the meal, the tray was removed promptly and the flight attendants began to prepare the cabin for arrival. The flight attendant thanked me by name and he invited me to return again on another American flight.

The captain announced information on the weather and he also thanked everyone for flying American and invited them to return on another flight.

The flight landed on time and made a short taxi to the gate. Once the plane stopped, a short announcement was made and then guests deplaned. As I left the aircraft three flight attendants thanked me for flying American and they wished me a good day.

The airport was large and there was a bit of a walk to immigration. Once I arrived in immigration there was a medium size lined that took about 15 minutes to get through. Once through, a quick check at customs and I exited the terminal.

Overall I enjoyed the flight. It was a pleasant surprise getting the upgrade. It made for a comfortable flight. The flight attendants made me feel welcome and it was nice the main one in my cabin used my name throughout the flight. I enjoyed the 787 and look forward to my return flight.

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