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Miami and Bahamas Trip Report – American MSP – MIA

by John the Wanderer
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American MSP MIA – 

To celebrate my wife’s birthday we traveled to Miami as well as the Bahamas on a four-day cruise on Norwegian Sky from Miami to the Bahamas.

The trip includes one night in Miami as well as the four night cruise visiting Nassau, Grand Bahama and the cruise line’s private island Great Stirup Cay.

The posts about the cruise will be limited as we are going to celebrate and to get away for a few days.

The report will be organized in the following posts:

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Miami and Bahamas Trip Report – American – MSP – MIA

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Miami and Bahamas Trip Report – American – MIA – MSP


Miami and Bahamas Trip Report – American – MSP – MIA

Date: Sunday, February 7, 2016

Flight: American Airlines 309

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: Miami – MIA

Aircraft: 737

Seats: 4A and 4B

American MSP MIA

I booked the flight from Minneapolis to Miami on American during a sale fare for about $250 each about a month or so prior to the trip.

At the time of booking I requested upgrades for my wife and I. I get complimentary upgrades as an American Executive Platinum member and used 500 mile certificates for my wife’s reservation.

A few days prior to the trip, I received email notification that both of our upgrades on the flight from Minneapolis to Miami cleared.

The flight started in the early morning for a 5:30 AM departure time. We elected to check out bags as we would be out of town for about a week.

Upon arrival at the airport, we proceeded to the American Airlines check in counter. There were a few people in the general line and there was no waiting in the Priority Lane. We approached the counter using the Priority Lane and a friendly agent welcomed us and offered assistance. After we requested to check in, he asked for our identification card. We provided them and he processed the baggage check. The agent issued paper copies of the boarding pass and provided priority stickers on the checked bags. The agent commented that he suggested the egg dish on the flight and he informed us that the TSA Precheck lane was open at 4:30 AM now and he suggested we use it. The agent informed us that the flight would depart from C10, which is one of the gates that are shared with Delta. He informed us that the signs may not display Miami but know that the flight will be departing from there. The agent offered additional assistance before wishing us a good flight.

My wife and I proceeded to the security check point for TSA Pre-check. There was a short line and it took approximately 10 minutes to clear security.

Once we were inside the terminal we proceeded to walk to the gate. At that time the only place open in the airport was McDonalds and there was a long line.

We proceeded to the gate area and found that it was completely filled with people and the area. There were two flights departing at 5:00 AM. Within a few minutes those flights were boarded and the gate area began to open up.

We located a seat and relaxed for a few minutes before the flight.

The gate agents made adequate announcements regarding what flight was departing from each gate as the signs were for Delta.

At about 5:00 AM an announcement was made that boarding would begin. We joined the line and the same gate agent that checked us in was at the podium. He greeted us and welcomed us on board after we provided our boarding passes. The gate agent thanked us and wished us a good trip.

We entered the plane and saw that it was an updated 737 on the inside but the outside of the plane was still in the old American livery.

Upon entering the plane a friendly flight attendant greeted us and welcomed us on board.

We located our seats. We were assigned 5A and 5B. My wife took the window seat and I took the aisle.

American MSP MIA

After storing our carryon bags in the overhead bin we took a seat.

The seat was a standard first class seat that pivots forward on the recline. There were also outlets at each of the first class seats. The aircraft had overhead video screens and WiFi.

Within a few minutes the flight attendant approached our seat and offered a pre-departure beverage.

We requested vodka cranapple and a tomato juice and the flight attendant thanked us. He provided the drinks within a few minutes and he asked us to enjoy them.

The beverage was served in a plastic cup and it was fresh and it had a good alcohol level.

American MSP MIA

Boarding continued and it was complete just before the scheduled departure time.

Announcements were made welcoming guests on the plane and the safety video was played. The Captain made an announcement that we would stop at the de-ice pad for a few minutes before taking off.

The taxi and de-ice period took about 25 minutes.

Once the plane was in the air, the flight attendants welcomed everyone again.

Within a few minutes we were greeted by the lead flight attendant who offered a beverage selection as well as a meal choice. The options were an Egg Stratta with sausage and potatoes or a Cheese Blintz. My wife and I both requested the Egg Stratta. I requested an orange juice and my wife requested water. The flight attendant thanked us.

A few minutes later, a hot towel was provided.

American MSP MIA

Shortly after the towel was picked up, the flight attendant returned and provided our beverages. They were served in clean glasses.

The orange juice was fresh and it had a good taste. The water was served with ice.

American MSP MIA

A short while later, the meal service was provided. The flight attendants served each guest in the row before returning with a selection of bread. I requested the bread and my wife selected a biscuit.

The flight attendant also offered jelly to accompany the biscuit. We both declined and he thanked us and asked us to enjoy the meal.

American MSP MIA

The Egg Stratta was served hot. The eggs were light and fluffy and they were seasoned with pepper and roasted red peppers. The eggs had a good taste. The dish was served with sausage and seasoned potatoes. The sausage was also hot and it had a good taste. The potatoes were fresh. A small fruit plate accompanied the dish as well as the bread. The fruit was sweet and it had a fresh taste. Grapes, strawberry and pineapple was provided. The bread was warm and it contained raisins and nuts and it had a good taste. The biscuit was also served warm. It was slightly dry.

The flight attendants checked back with us one time while we were enjoying the meal to offer an additional beverage.

After we finished the meal, a flight attendant offered to remove our trays. He also offered additional beverages at that time.

We watched a TV show on my iPad and the flight went by quickly.

The Captain made an announcement shortly before arrival and the flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing.

The sky was clear as we were preparing to land so I took a few pictures of the ocean as well as the area around Miami.

American MSP MIA American MSP MIA American MSP MIA

Once we landed, there was a long taxi before we arrived at a gate. The Captain made an announcement to say we were early and had to wait for other aircraft to move in front of us. The taxi lasted about 20 minutes.

Once we arrived at a gate, a gate agent welcomed us to Miami and they provided information about baggage claim and the Admiral’s Club.

As we departed the plane, the flight attendant thanked us sincerely and he wished us a good day.

We proceeded to baggage claim and found our bags were already on the belt waiting for us.

We utilized UberX for transportation and were able to get one within 10 minutes of requesting it.

Overall the flight was enjoyable and uneventful. The flight attendants were polite and the meal service was enjoyable.


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