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Hyatt Centric Miami Trip Report

by John the Wanderer
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Hyatt Centric Miami Trip Report – 

To celebrate my wife’s birthday we traveled to Miami as well as the Bahamas on a four-day cruise on Norwegian Sky from Miami to the Bahamas.

The trip includes one night in Miami as well as the four night cruise visiting Nassau, Grand Bahama and the cruise line’s private island Great Stirup Cay.

The posts about the cruise will be limited as we are going to celebrate and to get away for a few days.

The report will be organized in the following posts:

Miami and Bahamas Trip Report – Introduction

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Miami and Bahamas Trip Report – Hyatt Centric Miami

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Miami and Bahamas Trip Report – American Admirals Club at MIA

Miami and Bahamas Trip Report – American – MIA – MSP


Miami and Bahamas Trip Report – Hyatt Centric Miami

Hyatt Centric Miami

Hyatt Centric Miami

I booked the Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami on Hyatt.com using a AAA rate. About a month before the trip the hotel was pricing at around $310 per night plus tax and fees.

I kept checking to see if the price changed and about a week before the stay the price was reduced to $190. I cancelled the original reservation and booked a new one at the lower rate.

My wife and I arrived at the hotel at approximately 11:30 AM on Sunday. We arrived via Uber and a Doorman opened the car door for us and he welcomed us to the Hyatt Centric and he offered luggage assistance. My wife and I declined the assistance but thanked him and he provided directions to the reception area on the Third Floor of the hotel. The doorman thanked us and he wished us a good stay.

The entrance lobby was clean and it had a multicolor painting that gave a pop of color to the modern white looking hallway.

Hyatt Centric Miami Hyatt Centric Miami Hyatt Centric Miami

We proceeded to the elevator and took it up to the Third Floor.

Upon arrival on the Third Floor we discovered that the area included the hotels restaurant, pool deck as well as the reception area.

Hyatt Centric Miami Hyatt Centric Miami Hyatt Centric Miami Hyatt Centric Miami

The pool area was clean and the tables and chairs surrounding the pool were setup neatly.

Hyatt Centric Miami

Hyatt Centric Miami

We approached the reception desk and found one colleague present. The colleague was assisting another guest via the telephone. He greeted us promptly and said he would be right with us.

Hyatt Centric Miami

The agent completed the interaction with the other guest and he invited us to the desk. The agent welcomed us and he asked how he could assist us. I requested to check in. The agent thanked me and he took my identification card and credit card and he said he would see if he could find a room that was available at that time.

The agent used my name and he thanked me for my loyalty as a Diamond Member. The agent explained the amenities of the hotel including breakfast, a selection of amenities, happy hour with drinks in the evening as well as WiFi and the fitness center.

The agent said our room was not yet available but he would pre-register us so that we could get into the room as soon as it was available. The agent suggested we take a seat in the lobby and he would get back to us shortly.

Within a few minutes another agent approached me and introduced himself. He informed me that they had upgraded me to a room on a high floor however, he was not yet available. He said they did have some rooms available on a lower floor if I wanted the room at that time but it was not the best room that they had. My wife and I said we were happy to take a room now rather than waiting. The agent thanked me and he informed me that he would have a key ready in just a moment. He thanked me using my name.

Within two minutes, the agent returned and he presented the key card packet. The agent used my name and he thanked me. The agent offered luggage assistance as well as a late check out the following morning. He reminded us about the evening reception and breakfast in the morning. The agent thanked us and he welcomed us to the hotel.

My wife and I took the elevator to the Fifth Floor where we were assigned room 515.

The hallway was clean and it was decorated minimally to match the theme of the modern hotel.

Hyatt Centric Miami Hyatt Centric Miami

I used the key card to access the room. The door opened without issue.

Hyatt Centric Miami

We found a medium sized room with a king size bed, small work desk, television, minibar and a small closet space.

Hyatt Centric Miami Hyatt Centric Miami Hyatt Centric Miami

The room was clean and it was setup neatly. There was a large floor to ceiling window. The view; however, was of the parking lot across the street.

The king bed was clean and it had four pillows available as well as one additional pillow in the closet.

A small chair was available near the window.

The bathroom featured a walk in shower with a rain shower head as well as a small seating area.

Hyatt Centric Miami Hyatt Centric Miami Hyatt Centric Miami

The bathroom also had a small toilet and a medium sized vanity.

The bathroom was clean and in good condition.

The bath amenities were in small containers and they were branded BeeKind. Two types of soap, shampoo, conditioner and body wash were provided as well as lotion and a vanity kit.

Hyatt Centric Miami

The room was clean and comfortable. Outlets were available on one side of the bed.

The television featured HD channels and the picture quality was good.

The WiFi functioned and the speed was excellent.

There were a few scuff marks on the wall and there was a dent in the wall in the bathroom. The room was otherwise in excellent condition.

Hyatt Centric Miami

The room was quiet throughout the stay. We were able to relax in the room.

For the amenity we selected white wine and a cheese plate. We requested that the items be delivered at approximately 6:00 PM.

At 6:00 PM there was a knock on the door. When we opened the door a colleague greeted us and he informed us that he had the room amenity and asked permission to enter. I accepted and he asked where I would like to place it. I requested the table. The colleague presented it and he wished us a good night.

The amenity was a bottle of white wine chardonnay as well as a plate with a variety of cheeses on it. The cheese was fresh and it had a good taste and flavor. The cheese was presented neatly and it was served with toasted bread and a jam. The wine was chilled and it had a mild flavor.

Hyatt Centric Miami

We visited the evening reception. As it turns out it is a Happy Hour with $6 drinks and $6 appetizers.

When we arrived the bartender welcomed us and asked us to have a seat. The bartender offered assistance and I inquired about the reception. The colleague informed me that it was Happy Hour and they they had light bites and drinks for $6 each. She presented a menu.

The menu offered a handful of sandwiches, seafood and snacks for $6. The menu also offered beer, wine, and a few mixed drinks for $6. My wife selected a Bellini and I requested a Caipiroska. The bartender prepared them for us and then hand delivered them to our seats in the lounge.

The Bellini was excellent and it was made with Peaches and Strawberries and Cava. The Caipiroska was served over ice and it was made with lime and sugar. The drink was smooth and it had a slightly sweet taste.

Hyatt Centric Miami

When we were ready to depart the bartender offered additional assistance. When I declined he thanked me and presented the check. I signed the check to the room and noted that the tip was already included in the check at 18%. The bartender thanked me when I signed the check and he wished us a good night.

We had breakfast in the restaurant in the morning in the restaurant on the third floor.

When we arrived there were zero other guests present and two colleagues. The colleague greeted us at the host stand and she welcomed us to the restaurant.

The colleague invited us to a seat indoors or outdoors. We selected a table inside with a view of the pool and deck. The colleague assisted with seating and she presented menus.

Hyatt Centric Miami

I inquired about the Diamond Breakfast and she said that we could order either of the top two options wish included continental breakfast or an American Breakfast. The colleague informed us that if we did not want the eggs that came with the American Breakfast, we could select pancakes or something else from the regular menu. The colleague offered coffee and juice and said she would give us a couple minutes to decide.

The colleague returned one minute later with the coffee and juice before she asked if we were ready to order. My wife and I both selected the American Breakfast and had our eggs prepared to our liking. The colleague offered a choice of three different toast options. She recommended the multi-grain. We accepted the multi-grain and she thanked us and said it would be ready shortly.

Hyatt Centric Miami

The meal was served within 10 minutes of ordering. The colleague delivered the orders to the correct guest and she offered additional coffee and juice at that time.

The meal consisted of two eggs prepared the way we wanted, potatoes, tomato and bacon. In addition, a bread basket was served with three pastries and four slices of the multi-grain bread as well as butter.

Hyatt Centric Miami

The eggs were served hot. The eggs were prepared well and they had an excellent taste. The potatoes and tomato was fresh and it also had a good taste.

The multi-grain bread was lightly toasted and it was cut into thick slices. The bread was excellent. The pastries were also fresh, flaky and they had a sweet taste.

Hyatt Centric Miami

The colleague checked in with us several times during the meal. She offered additional beverages as well.

When we were finished with our meal, the colleague asked how we enjoyed it before she presented a check. The colleague informed us that the full price would be listed and that it would be credited by the front desk as I was a Diamond Member. The colleague thanked us sincerely and she wished us a good day. The breakfast total was about $70 so it was an excellent benefit of being a Diamond Member!

When we were ready to depart the hotel, we approached the front desk. A colleague greeted us promptly and offered assistance. After I requested to check out, the colleague asked for my name and he used it. The colleague inquired about the stay. He thanked us for staying at the hotel and he reviewed the charges as well as the method of payment. The colleague offered luggage assistance or valet. We said we would be using Uber and he thanked us. The colleague offered additional assistance. After I declined, he thanked us for staying at the hotel and he wished us a pleasant day. The colleague also invited us to return.

We took the elevator down to the first floor and were greeted by a bellman. The bellman offered assistance. We declined and said we were waiting for UBER. The colleague thanked us.

When UBER arrived, the bellman assisted with loading the luggage in the car. The bellman thanked us for staying at the hotel and he invited us to return.

I received an email folio within a few minutes. The invoice initially listed the breakfast on it and the bill was higher than I expected.

I called the hotel and spoke to a colleague at the front desk. The colleague said he was sorry and said he caught that after we left and he had already removed the charges. He said that I would receive an updated folio shortly. The colleague thanked me again for staying and he wished me a good day.

The updated folio arrived within a few minutes and the breakfast charges were removed.

Overall the hotel was fun and it was a nice way to relax before our cruise to the Bahamas. We felt the agents at check in were excellent. They made us feel welcome and happy to be at the hotel. The evening reception and breakfast was excellent and we would be happy to return to this modern hotel in the future.




Rave Parsnek February 17, 2016 - 10:58 pm

It might help if you posted a picture of yourself because I’m quite certain you are a robot. The way your article read was as if a robot checked in and recorded every event at the hotel. That or you are that dude from the Dragnet TV show…

John The Wanderer February 18, 2016 - 8:51 am

Funny! I am just a detailed orientated person so I write about the entire experience.

Regarding the picture. See my about page. I just use my logo for my profile.

Lee Huffman February 21, 2016 - 12:05 am

You gotta love being able to re-book and save cash like that. That $120 in savings paid for one of your add-ons on the cruise!

John The Wanderer February 21, 2016 - 5:21 pm

Yes I love it. That is why I never book pre-paid rates unless it is the day of or within the cancellation period. I find that hotel prices fluctuate often so I always check back to verify I have the lowest rate. The savings paid for our meal plan on the cruise!


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