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Business Lounge Cancun

by John the Wanderer
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Business Lounge Cancun

Before returning home from Cancun, my wife and I visited the Business Lounge at Cancun Airport.

The Business Lounge Cancun Airport is a Priority Pass Lounge located after security in the departures area at the Cancun Airport.

We accessed the lounge through our Priority Pass Lounge Access. We receive it as a benefit of having the Citi Prestige Credit Card. The access helps make traveling internationally more fun.

Lounge Arrival

Business Lounge Cancun

We arrived at the lounge and were assisted at the reception desk by a friendly colleague.

The colleague processed our Priority Pass cards quickly and then invited to enjoy our time at the lounge.

Lounge Setup

The lounge occupies a small area and it features a few tables and chairs setup within a room.

Business Lounge Cancun

A bar was available near the entrance to the room which was hosted.

A small food buffet was also available that contained sandwiches, salads and soda and juice.

Business Lounge Cancun

In addition, coffee and tea was available.

A small corner area of the room featured two massage chairs.

Business Lounge Cancun

In addition, restroom facilities were located within the lounge area.

The lounge had some posters on the wall for Air France featuring historic airline advertisements. The lounge is used by Air France for the passengers before the non-stop flight to Paris.

Relaxing in the Lounge

My wife and I took a seat and we spent about an hour relaxing in the lounge.

I approached the bar, and the bartender greeted me promptly and offered help. I inquired about the beer options and they offer Superior or Corona. I requested two Corona with limes.

The bartender provided them promptly and offered more help.

After I declined he thanked me.

Business Lounge Cancun

The Corona’s were served chilled with a lime. A glass was offered; however, I enjoyed mine from the can.

The bartender checked in with us a few times and he provided more beer after we finished our first one.

The food options were limited but the food appeared fresh.


When we were ready to leave, we walked by the bar and the bartender thanked us and he asked us to have a good flight.

In addition, the colleagues at the reception desk also thanked us sincerely and wished us a good day.


The lounge was comfortable and relatively private. The bartender and the other staff that we interacted with were friendly and polite and we felt that we were warmly welcomed to the lounge.




Lee Huffman July 13, 2016 - 1:49 am

Did you experience the “3 drink limit”? When we stopped at the Cabo airport on the way home a couple of weeks ago, my buddy Travis and I were told there was a 3 drink maximum. I had never heard of that, but Travis said that he was told something similar when he was at a lounge in Seattle recently. We were just relaxing before our flight with our kids and his wife, not making any noise… certainly not drunk and needing to be cut off from having any more drinks. I need to reach out to Priority Pass and Lounge Club to see if there have been any new restrictions implemented recently.

John The Wanderer July 13, 2016 - 7:35 am

I have not had that before. I think it must have been the individual lounge rule. I know when you are in the Priority Pass app when you get into the details on the lounge they have notes like that. I want to say that I read one that said there was a limit on the number of drinks. Fortunately that is not the norm. A lot of the Priority Pass lounges are self service alcohol anyway so I am not sure how they would count how many you have. Was the lounge at Cabo a “Business Lounge” like the one in Cancun?


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