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American Dallas Fort Worth Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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a glass of beer and a can of beer

American Dallas Fort Worth Minneapolis

The last flight for our Cancun Summer Vacation was on American Airlines from Dallas Fort Worth to Minneapolis.

The flight departed from the C terminal at the airport. My wife and I made our way to the gate from the Admiral’s Club and found that the boarding was about to begin when we arrived.

Flight Details

Date: June 17, 2016

Flight: American 1206

From: Dallas Fort Worth – DFW

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: MD-88

Seat: 4A, 4B


The boarding lounge was busy with activity when we arrived.

We joined the line when first class was invited to board.

The gate agent welcomed us when we approached the podium and he asked us to scan our boarding passes.

After we did, the agent thanked us and he invited us on the plane.

We made our way down the jetway and a flight attendant greeted us at the door.

The flight attendant was polite and she welcomed us to board.

We located our seats and got comfortable.


The seat was a standard first class seat. The seat reclined.

Power was available via an adaptor.

Pre-Flight Experience

The boarding was a typical experience and it lasted about 20 minutes.

After everyone boarded, the flight attendants offered water or juice as a pre-departure beverage. My wife and I both declined at that time and the flight attendant thanked us.

The flight departed the gate on time. The flight attendants provided the safety demo and then got the cabin ready for departure.

In-Flight Experience

Once the flight was up in the air, the flight attendants prepared the cabin for service.

A flight attendant offered a drink choice. We requested Bud Lite with lime. The flight attendant thanked us and she provided one promptly and served it with a snack mixture.

American Dallas Fort Worth Minneapolis

The Bud Lite was chilled and had a fresh lime. The beer had a good taste.

The snack mix was fresh and it was slightly warm. The nuts had a good taste and flavor.

The flight attendants returned a short while later and offered a cheese plate or humus.

We requested the humus and the flight attendant thanked us and they presented the dish on our tray table

The flight attendant asked us to enjoy it.

American Dallas Fort Worth Minneapolis

The humus was chilled. Two flavors were offered. One was a roasted red pepper one and the other was a pesto one. They both had a good taste.

The humus had bread and crackers on the side. The bread was fresh and we were given four small pitas.

A flight attendant offered more beer after we consumed the first one and she kept the glasses full.

After we finished the snack, the flight attendants removed the dish and offered more help.

American Dallas Fort Worth Minneapolis

The flight took place in the evening and as we approached Minneapolis there was a beautiful sunset.

American Dallas Fort Worth Minneapolis


The flight was quick and soon enough we were on the ground. There was a short taxi before the plane reached a gate. The flight attendants thanked guests as we were taxing to the gate and they wished us a good day.

Once the plane arrived at the gate, the door opened and we exited the airplane. The flight attendant thanked us one more time as we departed.

We made our way to the baggage area and waited about 15 minutes before my wife’s bag arrived at baggage claim.


It was a good flight to end our Summer Mexico Vacation. The evening snack service is nice and the humus was excellent. The flight attendants were attentive and it was a good flight overall. Hopefully I will be up in the air again with American Airlines again soon.


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