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American Admiral’s Club DFW C

by John the Wanderer
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American Admiral’s Club DFW C

After returning to the terminal from Customs and Immigration, we made our way to the C terminal for a visit to the Admiral’s Club before our flight back to Minneapolis.

I’ve visited the club several times before as it seems most flights to Minneapolis depart from C.

Check In

My wife and I approached the entrance to the club and found one other guest waiting in line and there were two team members present.

One of the team members invited us to the desk and welcomed us. The team member was friendly and welcoming and he made my wife and I feel like important guests.

After the team member greeted us, I provided my Citi Advantage Executive card which includes Admiral’s Club membership. The agent processed the registration and he invited us into the club.


American Admiral's Club DFW C

The lounge was busy with activity when we arrived. There were a few seats available in the sections.

At first we wanted to sit near the bar area; however, that area was full and the temperature was much hotter than the other areas in the lounge so we located a seat one section over from the bar area.

The seating area near us was clean and team members kept the area clean. The team member greeted us when we took a seat and he returned later in the visit to remove our used food items.


I approached the bar area and after waiting for one other guest to be served.  The bartender welcomed me and he offered a drink. I requested a beer and he provided it in a chilled glass. The bartender offered more help. After I declined, he thanked me and wished me a good afternoon.

The beer was cold and it was fresh and had a good flavor.

The bar area was clean. The back bar was setup neatly and the bottles were fronted.

The room with the bar was uncomfortably warm.


I visited the snack areas and noted that a variety of items were available including both hot and cold items.

For the hot items, there were two varieties of soup available. The soup looked fresh and plenty of bowls and spoons were available.

American Admiral's Club DFW C

For the chilled items, there were two different salads, humus, olives, tomatoes, beans, cheese and crackers. In addition, fresh fruit was available. The food was setup neatly and it all looked fresh.

American Admiral's Club DFW C

In addition to the hot and cold items, there were three different snack mixes available. The containers were clean and the food looked fresh.

American Admiral's Club DFW C

Cookie and brownies were available at another station. They also looked fresh.

I selected crackers, cheese, tomatoes and beans.

American Admiral's Club DFW C

The cheese was fresh and was cut in small cubes. The crackers were fresh and they had a good taste.  A variety of crackers were available. The tomatoes were fresh and the beans were crispy and had a good taste.

Lounge Experience

My wife and I relaxed in the lounge for about an hour and a half. The lounge activity level remained busy throughout the visit. The team members circulated the room to keep the area clean and to make sure that tables and chairs were available throughout the visit.

The temperature in most of the rooms was cool and comfortable. It was just the area near the bar were the air conditioning could not keep up.


When we were ready to leave, a team member thanked us as we were exiting the seating area.

When we walked by the reception desk, two team members greeted us and they wished us a good day.


The visit was good. The team members that we interacted with were friendly and polite and we felt welcome. The snacks were excellent and the beer was cold and fresh. It is a great lounge to relax in before your flight.



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