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Athens Foodie Fun

by John the Wanderer
Classic Town Square in Athens

This article is Athens Foodie Fun. It is a highlight of a walking food tour with Athens Food and Foot touring the historic city of Athens through food!

Stuffed Pepper on the Athens Food Tour
Stuffed Pepper on the Athens Food Tour

I recently visited Athens prior to going on a cruise to Greece, Israel, Cyprus and Turkey. While I was in Athens, I had the pleasure of going on a foodie tour walking around the streets of Athens with Athens Food on Foot.

I participated in the foodie tour with my friend Matt.

Note: We were hosted by Athens Food on Foot for a complimentary walking food tour. While the experience was hosted, the views in this article are my own.


Athens Food and Foot offers a few options for food tours in Athens. The tour that we participated in was the Classic Food Tour. You can book the tour on TripAdvisor for approximately 62 Euros or approximately $68 USD.

As mentioned above, I was hosted by Athens Food on Foot for this experience.

Athens Food Tour

The Athens Foodie Fun started at at classic Athens Square where we met a friendly tour guide who welcomed us and shared a little history about the tour and Athens.

Athens Square on the Foodie Tour
Athens Square

The tour size was small with approximately six people and the tour guide which made the experience amazing.

The guide was sure to keep us in the shade as much as possible due to the excessive heat 40 C temperatures.

After spending a few minutes getting to know each of the participants, we began to walk around the city.


Kookland the famous decorated alley in Athens
Kookland the famous decorated alley in Athens

The first part of the tour included walking through a totally Instagramable walkway in Kookland which is decorated for various holidays throughout the year.

Walkway in Athens
Famous Walkway in Athens

The area is decorated differently for each holiday season. This one was a blend of luck from the aces. There were also a lot of stores selling Christmas related items in this area.

We enjoyed walking through the area and everyone got some good photos.

Bagel Like Treat

The first stop on the Athens Foodie Fun tour was at a store selling a circle like sesame bread treat.

Athens Bagel Like Bread Treat
Athens Bagel Like Bread Treat

While this was in a large circle, it tasted very much like a sesame bagel that you might find in New York.

The bread is a common quick breakfast item that you can find throughout Athens so it was a nice way to start on the tour!

Tour tour guide have a little bit of history on the treat and gave us a few minutes to enjoy them before we continues walking around Athens.

Sweet and Savory Pastries

The next stop on the foodie tour was for some sweet and savory pastries at a hip café in the heart of the city.

Athens Pastry Treats
Athens Pastry Treats

One of the treats was savory and the other was sweet.

I loved the cheese filled savory pastry!

The sweet one had cream flavor and was also excellent.

The tour guide also bought each of us water since it was so hot that day while we were at the cafe!

Cheese, Olives and Fish Market

The next stop on the Athens Foodie Fun tour was a cheese shop that served fresh cheeses from Greece and the surrounding areas.

Cheese on the Athens Foodie Fun Tour

There were so many good cheese options and we sampled several of them.

I of course loved the great Feta options.

Cheese Samples on the Food Tour
Cheese on the Food Tour

There were two types of feta as well as two hard cheeses to sample. All of them were excellent!

After sampling the cheese we walked trough a market where there were endless stalls of olives!

So many olive options!

The market that we visited also had a section where you could get fresh seafood.

Seafood in the market in Athens
Seafood in the market in Athens

How awesome it would be to live there were you could go each day and grab super fresh food to prepare for dinner!

Coffee Break

The tour guide took us to a local coffee shop that serves traditional Greek Coffee.

The coffee store staff showed us the preparation method on a bed of sand before serving everyone traditional Greek Coffee.

Greek Coffee in Athens
Greek Coffee in Athens

The coffee was rich and it was an excellent pick me up while sampling such great food on the tour.

Guests on the tour were also able to sample tea instead of the coffee.

Family Style Meal

The highlight of the food tour for me was a family style Greek meal that we got to enjoy together with the tour guide!

The tour guide ordered a variety of Greek dishes and then they were all served table side so we could sample.

Athens Food Tour Family Meal
Athens Food Tour Family Meal

From Eggplant and beans to Feta to Calamari and Meatballs it was sure an amazing treat!

My favorite was the eggplant.

Athens Food Tour Family Dinner Eggplant and Meatballs
Athens Food Tour Family Dinner Eggplant and Meatballs

In addition, people at the table loved the calamari.

Calamari on the Athens Food Tour
Calamari on the Athens Food Tour

And course, how could you go wrong with a feta stuffed pepper?

Stuffed Pepper on the Athens Food Tour
Stuffed Pepper on the Athens Food Tour

What an awesome way to end the food tour!

Food Tour

The Athens Foodie Fun Tour was so much fun. I really enjoyed the day walking around Athens and sampling such great dishes. The tour guide made us feel welcome and it definitely was an awesome experience.

If I had to pick one thing that took away from the experience, it would be the fish market and the workers spraying water on the ground mixed with fish. It made our shoes smell like fish for several days! I guess that was a small price to pay for such a fun foodie experience. 🙂

Thanks again to Athens Food on Foot for the hosted experience!

You can book your own Athens Foodie Fun Tour with Athens Food and Foot on TripAdvisor.

Classic Town Square in Athens
Classic Town Square in Athens


Fonzi July 30, 2023 - 11:08 pm

Nice pics but always shocking people are so incapable to find out their way around and need book someone for 50$ to show them around

John the Wanderer July 31, 2023 - 8:05 am

Yeah I can appreciate that thought. The way I look at it is the tour company will find some unique restaurants that I otherwise wouldn’t go to, so I get to try some new foods. That’s how I justify a cost for a food tour. Plus with inflation and food costs theses days, in order to share the expense over several people rather than having to buy individual items at each location can make a difference.

Julie August 3, 2023 - 4:23 pm

Well, sometimes, when you don’t know a city, you get into a tourist trap and get bad food for a high price. So if John wanted to do it that way, why criticize him ? I generally do everything on my own, no tours, but I recognize that not every place I found on my own was super. There is also a bit of luck in discovering places in a foreign city.


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