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Cruise News: No AC on Cruise

by John the Wanderer
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a cruise ship in the water

This article is Cruise News with a highlight story being No AC on Cruise. It is a update on some of the cruise articles that I read this week.

I read a lot of articles each week about cruises. When I find ones of interest, I save them so I can share with readers. Here are some of the articles I saw this week.

No AC on Cruise Ship?

a cruise ship in the water

Photo Credit: Carnival

It’s a really hot summer and I can only imagine how difficult it would be to be inside on this cruise ship when the ac stopped working. At least you can go out on deck to get some fresh air! Hopefully Carnival was able to sort out the issue quickly. At least they gave everyone a 50% refund.

European Cruise in 2024 – What you will need

Athens Square on the Foodie Tour
Athens Square

With Europe making a sort of E-Visa required prior to trips, this will be an additional step everyone has to do prior to flying to Europe for a cruise. It is a little annoying having to take an extra step to get the e-visa, but at least the pricing is low. They have a similar thing for traveling to Cancun now. In that case you are supposed to pay online prior to your trip or there are people who will collect the fee at the airport. In this case, you will need to apply for the e-visa prior to the trip.

Cruise Line Officially Relaunches With Renovated Ship

It will be interesting to see if the new Crystal cruise line will live up to the luxury experiences that the original brand offered. They initially offered a very generous offer for people who had their sailings canceled and they gave them credit towards one of these sailings even though they did not receive the original deposits. Have you sailed on a luxury cruise line?

Haifa Port Ready for Israel’s First Purpose-Built Cruise Terminal

I just returned from a cruise that visited Haifa on Norwegian Jade. The port area was at a container shipping port and it was pretty basic in terms of amenities. It will be interesting to see how the design turns out.

Onboard credit to AARP members sailing on Holland America

This is pretty awesome news that AARP members can get onboard credit that is combinable with other offers. AARP frequently offers very low priced memberships and Chase and other cards have offers on them. They frequently run promos on the membership as well and you do not have to be older in order to be a member. I know many people that do it for the promos! It is exciting that you could get this onboard credit plus the Carnival stock ownership onboard credit as well!

Cruise News

From No AC on Cruise Ship to the AARP onboard credit for Holland America there were several interesting articles I came across this week.

Did I miss something you found interesting? Let me know and I can share it on a future news update!

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