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Priority Pass Lounge PHX

by John the Wanderer
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Priority Pass Lounge PHX

During our stay at the Phoenix Airport on our way to Guadalajara, my wife and I visited the Priority Pass Lounge, which is the Club at PHX airport in the B terminal.

We accessed the lounge via our Priority Pass Membership that we receive via the Citi Prestige Card. The card has some great travel benefits including a transferable point currency and the fourth-night free hotel benefit.

You can also obtain a membership to Priority Pass using my affiliate link. I appreciate your support of the John the Wanderer blog.

Arrival at the Lounge

Priority Pass Lounge PHX

We approached the Club at PHX lounge and were greeted by a colleague at the front desk.

The colleague asked for our membership card. After we presented them, he scanned them on the card reader and asked us to sign the handheld device for entrance.

We signed the device and the agent thanked us and he welcomed us into the club.

Lounge Experience

The lounge was small and it featured two rooms. The rooms both were outfitted in blue and gray colors.

Priority Pass Lounge PHX

There was one small room without windows which featured the food and snack options.

The other room featured a window as well as the bar.

Both rooms offered a lot of tables and chairs.

When we arrived there were only four other guests present in the lounge.

The decorations were a bit dated but the lounge was otherwise clean and the chairs were comfortable.

The lounge offered salads, humus, chips, cookies, crackers, fruit and vegetables on the main buffet.

Priority Pass Lounge PHX

Another station was present with flavored popcorn.

Priority Pass Lounge PHX

There is also a small area with a few desks which serves as the business center.

Priority Pass Lounge PHX

I approached the bar and a bartender greeted me. I inquired about beer options and he pointed out the beers that were available. There were some local Phoenix beers so I selected one of them which was an EPA. The bartender provided the bottle and he offered more help.

After I declined, he thanked me and asked me to enjoy the beer.

I selected some flavored popcorn from the buffet and took a seat to enjoy it and the beer.

Priority Pass Lounge PHX

The beer was 8th Street Pale Ale and it was served cold. The beer was fresh and hoppy and it had a good taste. The popcorn was fresh and crunchy and it had a chili flavor as I selected the spicy mix.

We relaxed for a few minutes in the lounge before it was time for boarding.

Lounge Departure

My wife and I approached the front desk when we were ready to leave. The agent there greeted us and he thanked us for choosing the lounge. The agent wished us a good flight.

We exited and made our way to the gate area.

Bottom Line

The Club at PHX is a bit dated. The lounge was clean but because of the decorations did not feel that upscale like other lounges. It was, however, a nice place to try a local beer and have some good snacks.

Have you been to the Club at PHX?



Gaston August 5, 2016 - 11:12 am

I like the views of runways and planes going back and forth. Free glasses of cognac help too!

John The Wanderer August 6, 2016 - 6:40 am

I didn’t realize they serve cognac there! Very cool. I always enjoy looking out the runway and watching the activity! Do you visit the Club at PHX often?

Gaston August 8, 2016 - 7:55 pm

Every few months during sunbird migration 🙂 The Club is quieter and has nicer views than the Admirals Club. Different food also..

John The Wanderer August 10, 2016 - 7:31 am

Yes the popcorn was a cool addition. Do they have better food? I only sampled the popcorn while I was there.

Gaston August 10, 2016 - 7:54 am

IIRC they put a platter of some decent coldcuts in the glass paneled fridge in the left room midmorning. This was in April.

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