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Minneapolis to Phoenix on American

by John the Wanderer
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Minneapolis Phoenix American

Our trip to Guadalajara started with a flight on American Airlines flying from Minneapolis to Phoenix.

The flight was purchased using miles. We redeemed 50,000 miles for the trip in First and Business Class as economy was actually more expensive as it was at the anytime level of 60,000 miles.

Flight Details

Date: Friday, July 15, 2016

Flight: American 1447

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: Phoenix – PHX

Aircraft: 738

Seats: 4A and 4B

Airport Arrival

Our flight departed around 7:30 AM so we arrived at the airport about an hour and a half early.

We checked in via an agent as we had two bags to check containing gifts for our friends as well as our personal items.

We arrived at the check-in area and noted that there was a line of about six other guests in the Premium lane. The regular lane had around 15 other guests present.

We were assisted after waiting about 10 minutes in line. The agent welcomed us and he quickly processed the check-in and tagging of our bags.

The agent issued our boarding passes and he wished us a pleasant day.

The check in process took about 15 minutes in total including the waiting in line.

We approached the security check point and joined the TSA Pre-Check Lane. There were five other guests in the line and it took about 15 minutes to go through security.

Gate Area

The flight departed from the regular American Airlines gates in Terminal E.

We approached the boarding area about the time that boarding begin.

The gate area was busy with activity when we arrived and most of the seats were taken.


We joined the line when first class boarding began.

The gate agent greeted us within one minute of joining the line. After scanning our boarding passes, he invited us to make our way to the plane. The gate agent wished us a good day.

The flight attendants at the entrance to the plane welcomed us.

The plane was a 737 -800 and the seat was the standard American First Class seat with power outlet and overhead video with audio channels.

Boarding continued and towards the end a flight attendant offered either water or juice as a pre-departure beverage. I had a glass of water.

The boarding was efficient and the door closed before scheduled departure time.

The flight attendants showed the safety video and they prepared the cabin for take-off.

There was a short taxi and we were soon up in the air.

In Flight Experience

Once we were at a cruising altitude the flight attendants greeted the passengers in the aisle and offered a hot towel.

Minneapolis Phoenix American

The towel was hot and was comfortable.

The flight attendants offered a beverage. I requested orange juice and my wife requested tomato juice.

Minneapolis Phoenix American

The juices were both chilled and they were fresh and had a good taste.

The breakfast offering was either an egg dish or oatmeal. I requested the oatmeal.

The flight attendants served the breakfast a few minutes later.

After we received our trays containing the food, we were given a choice of a biscuit or bread. I requested the bread. The flight attendant offered jam with it.

Minneapolis Phoenix American

The oatmeal  was hot with fruit, bread, milk and brown sugar and dried fruit. The oatmeal was hearty and it had a rich taste. The brown sugar and fruit was fresh and it added to the flavor of the oatmeal. The bread was warm and it had raisins in it and it was sweet and had a good taste. The fruit was fresh and sweet. The milk was chilled and it was fresh.

The flight attendants checked in with us a few times while we were enjoying the meal.

After we finished our dishes, the flight attendants offered to remove the trays and they offered more beverages.

The flight was relatively quick and the flight attendants were attentive throughout the flight.

In Flight Entertainment

The plane has overhead video screens. NBC Programming including a few television shows and news segments was displayed on the screens. The audio functioned and the sound and video was clear.

AA Inflight WiFi was also available via GoGo. I checked it out and was able to connect to the entertainment options quickly.

Minneapolis Phoenix American

I browsed through the WireLess Entertainment contact but noted that all the options were for-purchase.

There were television shows and movies available starting at $1.99.

I did not buy anything and I used my iPad instead.

It is surprising that no complimentary content is available. I know there was an announcement a while back about more content including free options; however, it is not available yet.

Fortunately that will change soon as American Announced that the entertainment content will be free beginning in August, 2016. That will include the WiFi and seatback video screens.


Shortly before we landed, I opened the window and took a few pictures as we were approaching Phoenix.

Minneapolis Phoenix American Minneapolis Phoenix American Minneapolis Phoenix American

The flight landed on time and there was a long taxi to the gate. Once we arrived near a gate, there was a further delay as we waited for another plane to depart.

The flight attendants and Captain made a few announcements about the delay.

When we finally were able to taxi, the flight attendants asked guests with longer connections to wait for a minute so that those with tight connections could get off the plane first.

A few people exited the plane first and then the rest of the passengers were able to exit.

The flight attendants thanked my wife and I as we departed the plane.


It was a normal flight on American. The flight attendants were polite and they were attentive. The breakfast was good and we enjoyed the flight. It was a bit annoying that no complimentary content was available for Entertainment streaming from the app. Fortunately, that will change in the future as American Airlines announced that the content will soon be free.


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