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Delta Sky Club Chicago Spring Visit

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Sky Club Chicago

This article is Delta Sky Club Chicago. It is a review of my experience visiting the Delta Sky Club at Chicago O’hare Airport.

Delta Sky Club Chicago

The review of the Delta Sky Club is part of my Chicago Spring Work Trip.


I can access the Delta Sky Club Chicago thanks to my American Express Platinum Card.

If you have the American Express Platinum Card you get access to Delta Sky Club’s when you are flying on Delta. In addition, you can access the Centurion Lounges at several airports around the country.

Several American Admiral’s Clubs and United Club’s are located at the Chicago O’Hare Airport.

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There are two Priority Pass Lounges; however, they are located in the international terminal and you generally need an international flight to access the terminal since it is a good distance apart from the other terminals.


The Delta Sky Club Chicago is located in terminal 2 in between the United and Delta gates.


I arrived at the Delta Sky Club Chicago and found that there were on other guests waiting and there were two agents present.

The lounge was approximately 55% occupied when I arrived. There were still plenty of seats available.

I used the CLEAR fingerprint reader to verify my identity at the Delta Sky Club. I also presented my American Express Card. The agent welcomed me using my name and she provided details about my flight.

The agent invited me to enjoy my time at the Sky Club.

Lounge Setup

The Delta Sky Club Chicago is a long room that is divided into multiple sections.

Delta Sky Club Chicago

Each sections had tables and chairs available.

Delta Sky Club Chicago

Some of the chairs were modern looking while others were standard chairs.

In addition, there were some high top tables.

A business center room was available in the middle of the lounge.

Delta Sky Club Chicago

Two smaller rooms with more private seating was available near the entrance.

At the back of the lounge, a self service bar was present along with additional seating.


The food was setup at the center of the lounge as well as in the back near the bar.

The food at the center of the lounge included two soup options.

Delta Sky Club Chicago

In addition, to the soup, cookies, brownies and snacks were available at the station.

Delta Sky Club Chicago

A self-service Starbucks machine was available in this area as well.

Delta Sky Club Chicago

At the back of the lounge, a salad bar was available along with Macaroni and Cheese and additional snacks.

Delta Sky Club ChicagoDelta Sky Club Chicago

Wine including sparkling Brut was available in the lounge in addition to a variety of alcohol.

Delta Sky Club ChicagoDelta Sky Club Chicago

The food was setup neatly and staff members were noted to keep the area maintained and stocked.


I worked on my laptop utilizing the WiFi, which worked without issue. The staff in the lounge was polite and they kept the area clean and maintained.


When it was close to the departure time for my flight, I departed the lounge. Two of the agents at the reception desk thanked me and wished me a good day.

The lounge was approximately 60% occupied when I departed.


The Delta Sky Club Chicago visit was enjoyable. The lounge was not as busy as it has been on previous times I’ve been there so it felt a bit more comfortable. The seats were comfortable and the WiFi worked without issue. The snacks and beverages were fresh and the lounge was setup neatly. The visit was good overall.

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