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Shula’s Dinner Experience

by John the Wanderer
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Shula’s Dinner Experience

This article is Shula’s Dinner Experience. It is a review of my dinner at Shula’s at the Sheraton Grand Chicago.

Shula’s Dinner Experience

The dinner review of Shula’s is part of my Chicago Spring Work Trip Report.


Shula’s is located in the lobby of the Sheraton Grand Chicago.

Sheraton Grand Chicago Experience Shula’s Dinner Experience

Shula’s Steakhouse

Shula’s is a chain of awesome steakhouses that are owned by the legendary award winning football coach Don Shula.

The restaurants feature excellent steaks and seafood as well as a wonderful wine and cocktail list.

The steaks are aged 28 days and cut specially for the restaurant based on Don Shula’s long standing commitment to quality.

The restaurant is committed to having an excellent experience for every guest every day.


I arrived at Shula’s and was immediately greeted by the hostess who welcomed me after learning my name. The hostess confirmed my reservation and escorted me to a table immediately.

Shula’s Dinner Experience

Upon arrival at the table, the hostess provided a menu and she presented my napkin once I was seated.

Shula’s Dinner ExperienceShula’s Dinner ExperienceShula’s Dinner ExperienceShula’s Dinner ExperienceShula’s Dinner Experience

The hostess asked me to enjoy my meal and she said the server would be with me shortly.

Shula’s Dinner Experience

About one minute later, the server approached the table. Introduced himself personally and used my name.

The server went over the menu and described the 28-day aging process for the steaks. He highlighted selections from each section of the menu and he offered to prepare a cocktail for me.

The table attendant suggested three specific cocktails as well as he described the extensive wine list.


I ordered La Paloma which is a refreshing grapefruit based drink.

The server provided the beverage a couple minutes later and he asked me to enjoy it.

Shula’s Dinner Experience

La Paloma was served in a tall glass with ice and it was garnished neatly with a shaved lemon wedge.

The drink is made with maestro dobel, limonata, San Pellegrino, fresh grapefruit, lime juice and homemade simple syrup.

The La Paloma was light and refreshing and it had a nice grapefruit flavor.

Prior to the steak being served, the server suggested I have a glass of red wine and he recommended a cabernet. I accepted and he served it a minute later.

The wine was served from a small container that contained one serving.

Shula’s Dinner Experience

The wine was bold in flavor and it paired well with the steak.


I requested the wedge salad for the appetizer.

Shula’s Dinner Experience

A basket of fresh bread was provided before the appetizer. The bread was warm and it was fresh.

The server provided the wedge salad about four minutes after I ordered it.

Just after presenting the dish, the server offered fresh cracked pepper.

Shula’s Dinner Experience

The wedge salad was served on a chilled plate and it was a large wedge of crispy lettuce that was topped with creamy dressing with onions, tomatoes, bacon bits and blue cheese.

The lettuce, onions and tomatoes were fresh and they had an excellent taste.

The dressing was rich and flavorful and the cheese was strong and tangy.

The portion size was generous.

The server and a manager checked in with me after the salad was served.

After I finished the salad, the server removed the dish and he manicured the table to remove crumbs.


For the entrée I requested an 8-oz filet. The server asked how I wanted it prepared. I requested medium rare and the server confirmed the temperature.

The server suggested and recommended the crab mac and cheese. I accepted the order and he thanked me and repeated the entrée and side to confirm.

The entrée and side was served simultaneously about three minutes after the salad course was cleared.

When the server presented the steak he asked me to cut into it to confirm it was the correct temperature.

Shula’s Dinner Experience

I snapped a quick picture and then cut into it and found that it was cooked as requested.

The steak was cooked perfectly medium rare. It was presented simply on a large plate with microgreens and a creamy sauce on the side.

The steak was tender and moist and you could tell the exceptional quality and care that goes into the aging process.

Shula’s Dinner Experience

The crab mac and cheese was served on an elegant dish and it was oversized.

Shula’s Dinner Experience

The mac and cheese was freshly prepared with breadcrumbs on top.

The cheese was creamy and gooey and the pasta was tender and cooked just right.

Large chunks of crab were mixed in with the mac and cheese. The crab was fresh and it had a good flavor.

The dish was seasoned well and it was a perfect side for the amazing steak.

The server and manager checked in with me while I was enjoying the steak.

The server offered additional wine and asked if I needed anything further.

After I finished the steak, the server offered to clear the dishes and he manicured the table.


After the entrée and side was cleared, the server suggested I try one of the legendary desserts such as key lime pie, trio of crème brulee, carrot cake or the deccident chocolate cake.

I asked his opinion between the key lime pie and carrot cake and the server recommended the key lime pie and said it was refreshing.

The key lime pie was served a few minutes later.

A large slice of pie was presented on a decorative plate.

Shula’s Dinner Experience

The key lime pie was bold in flavor and it was creamy and had an excellent texture.

The pie was served with whipped cream that further enhanced the flavor of the pie.


After I finished the meal, the server cleared the table and thanked me for dining at the restaurant.

The total cost of the meal was approximately $115.

I left a tip for the server and he thanked me sincerely using my name. The server provided his business card and he invited me to return in the future.

The manager thanked me as I departed near the host stand.


My dinner at Shula’s at Sheraton Grand Chicago was excellent. The server provided amazing service. The manager was also pleasant and she made me feel welcome. Each bite of the food was excellent and you could taste the quality. The portion sizes were generous. The seating area was comfortable and the restaurant was decorated neatly. You can’t go wrong with having a legendary meal at the legendary steakhouse. Check it out on your next visit to Chicago or one of the 25 other locations.

Note: The Sheraton Grand Chicago generously offered a complimentary dinner experience during my stay at the hotel in Chicago. It was kind of the hotel to enhance my experience by providing the meal. The meal was excellent and I would have gone had the meal not been hosted by the hotel. The views expressed in this article are my own.

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